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"The global demand for gold is likely to increase in 2000......based on a pretty encouraging picture of strong demand from the world's largest market, India, and the continuing growth in the second largest market, the United States."

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-- Zdude (, February 20, 2000


Zdude...what do you think about silver? We got some of both; I keep talking to folks that think gold could get confiscated again. ( what, we don't trust our leaders??). But I'd rather have gold. Do they tend to rise together?

-- not (quite@king.midas), February 20, 2000.


Its my strong belief that when Gold makes its move Silver will keep pace or excede it.

Heres a couple of Ted Butlers recent commentaries on Silver:

Mission: To The Moon

The Silver Short Scam

The same people who are manipulating the Gold market are the ones shorting Silver too. Many people dont know this but from an "Above Ground" perspective physical Silver is actually in shorter supply than physical Gold. So when the metals make their move upward its highly unlikely that the shorts will be able to cover their positions.

-- Zdude (, February 20, 2000.

Heres that second link:

The Short Silver Scam

-- Zdude (, February 20, 2000.

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