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Coronal Mass Ejections

Half an hour or so before the mass ejection
reaches the Earth, it will wash over SOHO
itself, and the CELIAS solar-wind instrument
on the spacecraft will gauge the density of
the gas. Only then will scientists and engineers
know how hard the Earths space environment
will be hit.


-- spider (, February 20, 2000


Dude, is it just me, or do you guys see an apparation of Sen. John McVain staring at you from the center of that vortex? This is a sign, this means something!

-- Butt Nugget (, February 20, 2000.

Butt Nuget....I know that you think you are being very clever, but your cleverness is beginning to wear thin. I wanted to forward this thread to a few people. After all it IS fact and not fiction. But I didn't want my friends to see the stupid remarks made below it. Please see if you can refrain from this inane drivel that you write. If you can't contribute, then stay off the bandwidth and quit cluttering it up with childish remarks. Taz....who thinks that the gene pool needs to be clorinated more often.

-- Taz (, February 20, 2000.

Thanks Taz

-- spider (, February 20, 2000.

Thanks for the post spider. I looks like Canada will be hit, but not the U.S. Do you know if this cloud will move south and hit us? What's the URL for this site?

-- JOHN (LITTMANNJ@AOL.COM), February 20, 2000.

The Auroral display should increase by tonight.
The US should get a good show.

The link is below each topic.

-- spider (, February 20, 2000.

Ditto Taz.

-- snooze button (, February 20, 2000.

I hope the sky is clear tonight. We should have a good view of the aurora here at 50 N latitude. Thanks spider.

-- Roy (bushwhacker@ north, February 20, 2000.

It could be a beautiful show. I remember, I guess I was about 8 at the time, so about 1960, my grandfather woke me up in the middle of the night. The whole sky was "on fire." This was just outside Pittsburgh. Something I will never forget. <:)=

-- Sysman (, February 20, 2000.

Tinfoil hat at the ready, Sir. Thanks for putting this up, Spider.

-- semper paratus (still_here_with@my.pals), February 20, 2000.

Check out htis kewl shot:

If it doesn't animate for you, go to this LINK.

-- semper paratus (still_here_with@my.pals), February 20, 2000.

Link to BBC RA Audio/Visual story
Solar Storms

-- spider (, February 20, 2000.

Any news?

-- Uhhmmm... (, February 20, 2000.

Just seems to be getting started... 7:30PM California time... seems to be building slowly so far

Sunny Side Up

-- Carl (, February 20, 2000.

Whoops.. let's drill that down further :)

-- Carl (, February 20, 2000.

Shit... again..

Sunny Side Up

-- Carl (, February 20, 2000.

One to many beers tonight... rain gets me depressed :) Last try..

Sunny Side Up

-- Carl (, February 20, 2000.


-- Hokie (, February 21, 2000.

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