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Hi, Could anyone give me the size of the base of the Besseler MXII, MXT. The entire base size. Could you tell me the height as well. Any feedback on the Besseler "Universal 45 VC System". Featuring a power supply, built in digital timer, a button for VC to graded to white light focusing. Also, I'm surprized to see the light sourse of some enlarger heads are halogen. These bulbs get very hot. Thanks.

-- Raven (, February 20, 2000


The base board of my MXT is 28" wide by 31" deep. The enlarger is 41" high from the bottom of the base board to the highest point, give or take an inch if it's critical. A participant in a workshop I attended several years ago had horrible experiences with the Universal system. However, he bought it shortly after it first came to market as I recall, so maybe they've got the bugs worked out by now.

-- Brian Ellis (, February 20, 2000.

Raven, you are right about the halogen bulbs getting hot. Also, they don't last long and are expensive compared to other bulbs. There are better systems, especially cold light heads if you do black and white printing. Doug

-- Doug Paramore (, February 20, 2000.

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