Have Women Gained Equality?

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Have women in this country truly gained equality, compared with the status of males and the distribution of power, or are women still lagging behind males in regards to true equality?

-- Anonymous, February 19, 2000


I don't think that women have gained as much equality as men. Women as a whole don't earn as much as a man in a comparable job. They are looked upon with in a term prejudice. We hear a lot of, the terms "women dirvers", refering to a bad driver, and that they don't get as good of jobs because they are not as smart. To me, I find that they are more women who should get respect then men. We always here about how hard the man of the house works, but we usually don't hear about how hard of a time the woman had raising the child, and going through all of the childs problems with them

Sage Svarvari Overton Public School

-- Anonymous, February 23, 2000

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