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I just recently encounted this mans view of the present worldwide economic and stock-deivitives bubble,anyone familiar with his views?????

-- J (, February 19, 2000


Been around for a looooong time. Fruitcake IMHO. First name is Lyndon I believe.

-- Ra (tion@l.1), February 19, 2000.

He seems too bright to be president. Anyway he has run for president since he was two.

-- jeilee (, February 19, 2000.

I "threw away" $60.00 for a subscription to his paper two years back. A fool and their money soon parted. Poor man has been singing and humming the same tume for years.

-- Richard (, February 19, 2000.

Lyndon Larouche is the founder (I think) of the Libertarian Party.

-- Liz (, February 19, 2000.

He is currently in prison, in fact there are posters with his picture that states he is in prison for you. He was taking contributions via credit cards and then 30-60 days later rebilling the charge. Bazarre to say the least, blames the entire drug culture on the Queen of England.

-- bobby knight (, February 19, 2000.

Sometimes you people scare me with your ignorance. Larouche is a Democrat , who has been persecuted for his forthrightness for a long time. What he said in that speech was exactly correct, and most of the knowledgable people in the financial world are doing precisely what he talks about,in one form or another. Taking steps to be prepared for this manipulated collapse is as important as any other preps we have made so far.

-- Sage (, February 19, 2000.

Liz, you are very ignorant.

-- Yeah right (, February 19, 2000.

Yeah Right:

You may be right; but;;;; we have very liberal filing laws here and he has been that parties' candidate for president since way-back. Yep, in my mind, he is mister Libertarian. In my mind, Libertarians think that the Queen of England runs the international drug cartel. And there is more. They have candidates on the ticket every year [for the last 25 years]. Everyone remembers it the way I do. Do you wonder why they never get many votes? Duh!!!

Best wishes,,,,

-- Z1X4Y7 (, February 19, 2000.

Lyndon LaRouche thinks that the wrong side won during World War II.

See "Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism" by Dennis King (Doubleday, 1989)

False populism. Racism. Anti-semitism. Fascination with nazi rocket scientists. Truly bizarre conspiracy theories (as opposed to those that actually have some evidence).

-- (, February 19, 2000.

Several years ago I happened to tune in to a television segment in which Mr. LaRouche was addressing an audience. (I believe he bought the time, which might well be the only way he can be heard on that medium.) I didn't agree with everything he said, but he was the antithesis of a raving lunatic. I sense that the media have long had an interest in deliberately misrepresenting him.

-- David L (, February 19, 2000.

Calling Larouche a Democrat is like calling Adolf Hitler a socialist. Give me a break. If you listen to him, the British monarchy is responsible for all the evils in the world, including global organized crime, the drug trade, etc. He says the British are also actively working to take over the world, especially the USA. He is a weird sort of McCarthyite, except that he doesn't see a Commie under every bush, he sees a Brit.

-- b (b@b.b), February 19, 2000. and b:

Those are also what I remember [but there is still more; these folks have actually run for office here as long as I have lived in this place]; but the Queen running and international drug cartel!!!! Hell she can't even run a family. The Libertarians may have something useful to say, but nobody listens to them; they are tied to the jailbird in everyones memory.

Best wishes,,,,

-- Z1X4Y7 (, February 19, 2000.

Adolph Hitler was a Socialist,his party was The National Socialist Party {see acronym NAZI).

The politics of the "Third Way ",as espoused by the current British,German,French and U.S. administrations , parallels the ideas of Herr Adolph exquisitely .

"The rampant ignorance knows no shame".

-- Sage (, February 19, 2000.

After much study, I can understand DD. In contrast, I have no idea what you are talking about.

Best wishes,,,,


-- Z1X4Y7 (, February 19, 2000.

Hey b!

'...British working actively to take over...the U.S.' You might want to take a look at bio's of Cecil Rhodes and his Rothschild backers. Look especially at the reasons why he (and his Brit buddies) established the Rhodes scholarships, and perhaps re-assess your opinion(s).

-- bz (, February 20, 2000.

Sorry b, Hitler was a socialist in word and deed. Are the Brits interested in taking over the world? Have you ever heard of the British Empire? Are they involved in the drug trade? Have you ever heard of the Opium Wars? To see a former BBC reporter's info on what the royal family is involved in, try

-- rebel (with@ina.cause), February 20, 2000.

if you do not know certain theories and ideas of what goes on behnd the scenes in places like the house of windsor, do not assume that they are benign.

do your own research and you may find that it is even more unbelievable than you could have imagined.

as in most cases these days, there is much more to the story than what meets the eye.

things are *not* as they appear.



-- mike (, February 21, 2000.

Im not a supporter of Mr. LaRouche but I dont believe that he is currently in prison. He just concluded a weekend campaign seminar and you can look at the details here:

His views have always seemed to be in far left field but the man has staying power if nothing else. He might be worth a closer look for those of you that have inquiring minds.

-- Sifting (through@the.rubble), February 21, 2000.

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