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Alberta, Canada: Delayed city water bills on their way Herald-Tribune staff

Are you still waiting for your water bill?

Not to worry.

The city of Grande Prairie will be sending out the first batch of bills this week after the millennium bug caused a glitch in the system.

Financial director Dave Gourlay says it took longer than they expected to iron out the Y2K problem with data that had been put on the water bill.

"We just resolved the water problems late last week," he said.

"The problem was more extensive than we had anticipated."

Gourlay said local residents won't be charged additional interest on the January and February bills that will be sent out to local homes at the same time.

"So people will get two separate bills, January and February, and they'll both be due on the same date," he said

If that creates a financial hardship for anyone, the city is encouraging people to call the customer billing department for other arrangements. An insert will be distributed in each bill explaining the reason for the delay, along with a phone number to call if there's any questions.

-- Carl Jenkins (, February 19, 2000


"Water Bills in Alberta Delayed. May Cause End of World As We Know It."

-- (, February 19, 2000.

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