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School Closes: Too Many Sick Kids

Long Weekend Will Give Students Time To Recoperate

PORTLAND, Posted 12:53 p.m. PST February 18, 2000 -- The halls are empty at Portland Lutheran High School -- not because of snow or a power outage, but because of sickness.

KOIN 6 News reports that the students at Portland Lutheran just couldn't seem to stop spreading their nasty germs. That's why the principal made an unusual move and shut down school for the whole day Friday.

"My whole alto section was gone. I think there was one alto left," principal Donn Maier explains.

According to Maier, 15 percent of the school's 135 students were out sick. The germs kept passing back and forth from kids sharing drinks and touching tables and doorknobs with dirty hands.

However, this is not a flu outbreak. Oregon's epidemiologist tells KOIN that there are no reported cases of influenza in the entire state this week.

Students are suffering from either a stomach ailment that lasts a couple of days or a hacking upper-respiratory problem that hangs around for several weeks, the television station reports.

Combined with the long holiday weekend, students will have four days to recuperate before classes resume on Tuesday.

"We're trying to get all the kids healthy -- to stop them from transmitting it to other kids so we can get on with business," Meier says.

Maybe keep them out from under the sky.

-- hhmmm (hhmmm@hhmmm.hhmmm), February 19, 2000


And ICUs in this area still crammed full of patients suffering URIs, pneumonia, severe asthma attacks, respiratory failure.

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (allaha@earthlink.net), February 19, 2000.

"Another Dark Chemtrail Hypothesis" Very interesting and scary article from Sightings!


-- Jay (jaybird@song.net), February 19, 2000.

Yeha, I had the stomach thing, it lasted a week for me.

-- Butt Nugget (catsbutt@umailme.com), February 19, 2000.

"Conditioning the lungs" seems plausible.

The rest is pretty far out there ...

-- annoyed (don't@like.pollution), February 19, 2000.

butt nuggett--don't tempt me. i was going to be evil but decided if i met you i would probably like you, so i will hold my tongue. :-) hope you feel better really. i am feeling a bit loose of tongue because this was an interesting week--my mom (on her deathbed) told me my (ehhem) REAL father was a FLORIST, then my mom died, then on Valentine's day my car got pretty much totalled by a FLORIST VAN!! actually god was very good to her and she went gracefully.

anyway, i read the sightings post and personally i think he could be a bit wacky but in my heart of hearts, i think he is somewhat right. i have especially been wondering about all the NEWLY DESIGNATED CLINTONIAN NATIONAL PARKS THIS WEEK AND IF THEY ARE ALSO BIOSPHERES!! BIG LAND GRAB. PLUS I AM WAITING FOR THE NAFTA 12 LANE HIGHWAY TO CUT ACROSS THE COUNTRY.

i heard a very interesting scientist who has been researching AIDS for ten years who says this also is another way to kill off people. Really, he said they have the cure now but the Govt is holding off the drug companies from making it. Much of Africa is dying. All the lip service they pay to the gays regarding AIDS cures and research is done primarily to pacify them. they want a percentage of the population DEAD. and why not AMerica first since we will not go easily to a global govt.

ALSO DID YOU SEE BILL GATES (BIG DEAL PHILANTHROPER) AND ALL THE NWOers from the WHO last night on cable. amazing. sanctimonious murderers who have pretty evil plans in mind.

-- tt (cuddluppy@aol.com), February 19, 2000.

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