G Claron vs Repro Claron

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I am somewhat familar with the Schneider G Claron line of large format lens. Recently I saw a 305 mm Repro Claron lens. How do this lens compare with the 305 G Claron lens and will the Repro Claron cover 8X10? Thanks!

-- Ron Lawrence (leica@interpath.com), February 19, 2000


The g claron is a 6 element plasmat, with coverage of about 80 degrees stopped down. The repro claron is a 4 element lens, much like the artar or apo ronar. They have much less coverage, the artar as a rule of thumb has an image circle roughly equal to its focal length. I would expect the repro claron to be in the same category.

Harold Clark

-- Harold Clark (ashwood@eagle.ca), February 24, 2000.

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