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This article states that Israel's Electric Corporation had no glitches at the rollover. That's incorrect. See other thread on this board: Israel - Jerusalem Electric Corp - dangerous power dip at midnight 1/1/00"

Monday, Jan 3, 2000


Zero Malfunctions in IEC, Fuel Industry By David Hayoun

Israel Electric Corporation's transition to the year 2000 went smoothly. IEC general manager Rafi Peled said that "three years of preparations were crowned with total success." According to Peled, throughout those years he insisted that the company be 100% Y2K-compliant, and was not prepared to put up even with 1% non-compliance, "because even such a low non-compliance ratio could still bring down the entire system."

The fuel industry's situation room at the Pi Glilot facilities also reported zero malfunctions.

Due to faulty Y2K compliance on the part of the Government Company for Oil and Energy Infrastructures, the oil pumping system was operated manually 72 hours before the transition to the year 2000, as well as 72 hours following the transition. All other activities in the oil industry, including the operation of filling stations, the Oil Refineries, and the Pi Glilot facilities, went on as usual.

Published by Israel's Business Arena January 2, 2000

-- Lee Maloney (, February 18, 2000

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