A Devine Digital Divide

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Why aren't all of the Episcopal Districs online with an updated website? Some Districts are clearly way ahead of others in terms of software savvy and sophistication. I personally find it embarrasing that the 11th District where I live does not have an operational web page, yet we make comments about being the "mighty 11th". How can we close this divine digital divide within our denomination?

-- Anonymous, February 18, 2000


Also why is amecnet.org so slow on updating events. The last time I visited a few days ago the claendar of events was months old. I contacted the webmaster about this and got little reponse.

-- Anonymous, February 21, 2000


As I am sure you probably have assumed by now, one of my greatest wishes and desires would be to have more A.M.E. representation on the Internet.

Also I wish, that those which are represented, would have a more active presence..i.e. be more relevant and timely.

I am hoping that perhaps this will be the general conference where some of this may ressolve itself. I hope you have taken a moment to look in the news section at the technology report from Convo IV. It essentially calls for the church to take advantage of today's technology to improve communications both internally and externally.

I often wonder how many A.M.E.'s are out there with computers. In recent weeks I have seen dramatic climbs in the usage on this site but...it required a great deal of reaching out to pull people in and an ingrediant that all sites need --- fairly regular updating.

The limiting factor is time. I know often times I am faced with time constraints that do not allow me to effectively keep the site the way I know it should be and how I would like it to be.

And in other quarters, the drawback is skills. Although WYSIWYG software is making web construction much easier, it still is a daunting task to the unitiated!

So perhaps it calls for a sharing of talents and skills..a reaching out between connectional organizations so all may share in end reward, the improved, increased, and more timely communication with one another.

Within my time constraints, I would be glad to help any A.M.E. Church or organization get on line, to some regard I already have started that push with A.M.E. Today Village which is a real easy script and tempo method of establishing a four page site. Four pages is not the greatest but it is easy to produce and publish and that is a major first step to getting some more churches on line.

We really could be connectional if we just took the time to network -- - literally!

Rev. John

-- Anonymous, February 29, 2000

Bill, while building a global AME page for Clear Lake (http://www.ghg.net/jlpayne/churches.html), I came across this link for the churches of the Tampa-Florida Annual Conference: http://www.ebmnet.com/tfcc/

The "Mighty 11th" is on its way! Enjoy!

-- Anonymous, September 07, 2000

You'll be glad to know that steps have been taken to glabalize the AME church organization. There is now a new web site which I have developped that will allow all the AME churches to be listed on the Internet. The web site is http://www.amec3000.org.

Check it out!

Rev. E B Menager

-- Anonymous, November 08, 2001

Thanks Bill for asking the question for we would never have known about the project that Rev. Menager has undertaken. God bless you Rev. Menager! I have registered my church now we just need to pass the word along. Your site looks great!

-- Anonymous, November 08, 2001

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