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I complained to mindspring regarding the spamming that has taken place the last two days. This is the response I got from mindspring.

From: | Block address Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 13:25:36 -0500 (EST) To: (blanked out) Subject: Re: MISC - Re: Attack by this date 2/17/00 & today 000218-10785668

***************************************************** To assist internal tracking, your report has been assigned the following issue identification number: 000218-10785668. Please include this number in the "Subject:" of any subsequent e-mail regarding this issue. *****************************************************

PLEASE READ!!! This is an AUTO-REPLY message in response to an email appearing to have originated from your address and delivered to one of the email administration addresses, most likely concerning a net-abuse issue. This message is _not_ intended as a response to your report, but it does contain a wealth of information regarding net-abuse issues and other common e-mail problems.

Due to the volume of email that can sometimes occur, we may not be able to respond individually to each message sent to this address, and will likely only do so when additional information is required.

Mindspring does not condone and will not permit abusive behavior by its users. Though no summary judgments are made, all reports we receive are investigated and action is taken when and where it is appropriate. The Mindspring AUP can be found at:

Now on to the good stuff...

Thanks for writing in! For future reference, here are items that will help us help you better:

- Complete Header information... - How to Complain to Providers about Spam... - IRC issues and complaints... - USENET issues and complaints... - Useful links to other web sites...

o WE NEED *COMPLETE* HEADERS!!! When sending in complaints regarding email and news reports please make sure that you include *complete* header information. Abbreviated headers

are often bogus and provide us with little information to work with. You can learn more about viewing and interpreting email headers at the following web page(s):

o We primarily deal with SPAM that originated from within the Mindspring network. If you got some SPAM that did not originate from Mindspring, please send your report/complaint to the originating ISP or network. A good tutorial on "How to Complain to Providers about Spam" to another ISP is avialble from:

o If you have an issue or complaint with another user(s) behavior on the IRC network, we need the following information before ANY action can be taken:

1.) The /whois information for the user.* 2.) Logs of the activity. (Forged logs will be ignored) 3.) A valid timestamp and what time-zone you are in. * If the /whois information indicates that the offender IS NOT a Mindspring customer, please direct your complaints to the originating network or ISP.

o When reporting newsgroup abuse, please remember that ewsgroups are a public forum, and you have to choose to read a particular post. We encourage you NOT to read the posts of anyone with whom you know you will disagree. To this end, we recommend the use of a newsreader that supports kill-filters. This will allow you to filter your newsreading so that you need never see a post from a particular author or with a particular subject, etc.

This does not mean that SPAM and other news group abuse should not be reported, only that MindSpring will not involve itself in personal disputes and differences of opinion.

You may wish to visit the following URL's:

While these were written with the newsgroup in mind, they contain some _very_ useful suggestions for dealing with flames & trolls.

o Here are some other handy links for you:

"Figuring Out Fake E-mail & News Posts" (AKA "The Spam FAQ") Information on deciphering the origins of unwanted e-mail...

Spam: Where to Complain About Frauds & Scams:

Support FREE The Forum for Responsible and Ethical E-mail Join CAUCE! We're members, you should be too! The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-mail

-- Mindspring AUP Abuse Staff (800) 719-4664 (404) 815-0770

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-- bardou (bardou@balonneyy.xcom), February 18, 2000


Thanks, Bardou! Will bookmark this.

-- Wilferd (, February 18, 2000.

Do some research on bots. Many stange things out there.

-- ET (, February 19, 2000.

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