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May I introduce...My mother...the doomer:

"Hi guys, We decided not to go to Columbus because several spooky things happened, i.e. the computer scheduler at America West broke down and they had to do all flight scheduling by hand with paper and pencil causing 8-10 hours delay in flights. Then the weather was terrible and I was concerned about the freezing rain, and with all these plane crashs lately..."

Let's just call this prudent, shall we? ;-)

-- kritter (, February 18, 2000


I read you 10-4, kritter! ; )

-- Wilferd (, February 18, 2000.

Yes, isn't this Y2K mess a lulu! My electric has been off for almost 5 seconds this year. The grocery store was out of bananas today! One of the pumps at the local stations said out of order, but we know it was Y2K. Two of my pets have developed worms, Y2K again!!! Gawd, when will it end. I only have 8 boxes of cocoa mix left. And even our picky dogs won't eat Sweet Sue chicken and dumplings.

-- gilda (, February 18, 2000.

There's two empty seats on a flight to Columbus, Gilda...all yers if ya want 'em. BTW, I didn't see a mention of y2k anywhere in that original message. Jus Mom noticing some computer glitches and plane crashs. FWIW.

-- kritter (, February 18, 2000.

Hey Gilda, turn up your hearing aid and listen closely:

It's called insurance. You know, that stuff you've been shoveling thousands of dollars at for life, car, boat, home, health, flood, you know. So I figure you're about what 65? How many thousands did you pay for insurance the last few years and how much did you actually need? Not a very good return huh.

The difference is, the money you spent on insurance is now GONE. Got that? GONE. (turn up that hearing aid some gal!)

Now, compare that with your preps. Are they Gone? Are they?

Gilda, are you stupid by chance?

-- Miracle Ear (@ .), February 18, 2000.

Come on Miracle Ear, I thought Gilda has a good sense of sarcasm. She's just kidding because if she lived in the Northeast she'd be so pissed off she would have lost her sense of sarcasm and her comments would be unsuitable and/or unprintable.

-- Guy Daley (, February 18, 2000.

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