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I am new to Lf and have picked up an Omega 450 view camera. I would like to know what focal lengths can be used with it. I would like to go from 90mm to 300mm. Eric Williams

-- Eric Williams (, February 18, 2000


I am not familiar with that camera but from the model number I am assuming it is a 4x5, possibly a monorail type instead of a folding field type camera. You should be able to use anything in the range you specify. The only limits will be the amount of bellows draw for the longer lenses. 300mm is about 12 inches at infinity, and you need longer draw as you focus closer. Whether you can go shorter than 90 again depends on how flexible the bellows are. You are probably OK with a 90. I do almost everything with a slightly long 210mm lens, and used a 203mm Ektar for a long time before I sold that outfit. I dont do much landscape stuff, so that works out for me.

-- Tony Brent (, February 19, 2000.

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