SYSOP NOTE: "SYSOPS SAVE SAMPLE FOR AOL/DON'T DELETE"...Part (7) Next issue:.. I have created a lot of furor online because when I came to TimeBomb last November, I said, "Women with children shouldnt be spending more than an hour a day in chatrooms" I have always felt that way, with of course, the exception of women who work online for a living However, weve been told over and over that the sysops here have been volunteering for over a year, so I have to ask myself, "Whos taking care of Dianes three children?" I think the internet provides hazards that most people online dont consider. : LUSENET : TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) : One Thread

"MIT Mr Jim Bruce

Subj: MIT computer used to further the agenda of Ed Yourdon... Date: 01/11/2000 11:48:01 AM US Mountain Standard Time From: To:

Hi Jim,

If you go to:

You will find the Ed Yourdon bulletin board. If you scroll all the way to the bottom, and click on "Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing" and then scroll all the way to the bottom of that, you will find "copyright 1990-1998 Philip Greenspun".

That proves that Philip is connected to Ed Yourdon.

The following was published on TimeBomb's home page 12-28-99 when the forum members crashed the site: (notice the last paragraph)

"Someone was using a robot to grab every page on this server and it was hammering my poor ancient Solaris box (167 MHz processors). (Actually there were SEVERAL people with robots hammering the machine at the same time. Somehow everyone got the same idea to archive the forum at once.) The file system was also full. So I had to shut off the most popular forums to let other users have a chance.

As the author of I'm a bit humiliated that my service didn't hold up. On the other hand, it was built to support human beings talking to each other. The average human can't read 10 postings per second! So it isn't surprising that multiple simultaneous robots could overwhelm this machine.

If you want the forum turned back on, send me a Quad Pentium from! Or a 10-year-old's Athlon 700 game machine! It is sad that small children have faster computers than MIT but that's life...


Philip Wednesday night around midnight"

Obviously, the front page has been changed since then, but I'm sure I can find you url's of people discussing Phil's anger for the next two nights. (By the way, Phil requested that people send him money to an animal shelter in lieu of his receiving any payment for his work).

If you need further proof, I'll find you more url's.

Sincerely, Laura

Subj: Here's a url to prove Greenspun's activities... Date: 01/11/2000 11:52:19 AM US Mountain Standard Time From: To:

Subj: Here's another... Date: 01/11/2000 11:53:50 AM US Mountain Standard Time From: To:

By the way, Diane is one of the censoring sysops on the board.

Subj: Greenspun, Ed Yourdon, and M.I.T. acting in concert? Date: 01/11/2000 12:33:51 PM US Mountain Standard Time From: To:


He came through on his deal... We need to make it $7500. I gave my $50 today... Doesn't take many of us to meet the goal, and I think most of you have to agree that this forum, while not a necessity to life, has been interesting to follow and certainly worth a $50 buck contribution to a charity. Thanks Philip!

surf over to https:// (ignore the warning boxes about the MIT certificate authority not being recognized; your credit card is transmitted securely) and make a tax-deductible donation to SARA Sanctuary, a no-kill animal shelter. They will get 100% of your money. If the Y2K users collectively come through with at least $7,500 (so far we have about $1,500 committed), I'll pay for some new dual- Pentium Linux boxes out of my own pocket."

( A Guy (, December 30, 1999

Subj: Sysop thanking Greenspun for using M.I.T. for supporting Ed Yourdon... Date: 01/11/2000 1:17:49 PM US Mountain Standard Time From: To:

"The TBY2K Sysops & Moderators really appreciate the response people have had to donating to Philip Greenspuns charity, so he in turn will match us in funds, out of his own pocket, and get a new server for his MIT server farm.

(If we had donated directly to MIT, his server farm would never have been the ultimate recipient).

For those who missed it (and the forum), while the forum was inaccessible, due to robot/spider attacks, Philip left us several messages. One final one was...

"If you want to see the forums back, prove it!

Surf over to https:// (ignore the warning boxes about the MIT certificate authority not being recognized; your credit card is transmitted securely) and make a tax-deductible donation to SARA Sanctuary, a no-kill animal shelter. They will get 100% of your money. If the Y2K users collectively come through with at least $7,500 (so far we have about $1,500 committed), I'll pay for some new dual- Pentium Linux boxes out of my own pocket."

I dont know what the count and amount is at this timing, but it is over $5.000, I believe.

Will check with Philip this weekend. BTW... I already made my donation. I also know Ed Yourdon made a good sized one too.

For the credit/debit card challenged... donations can be mailed to SARA Sanctuary 1050 Rawhide Road Seguin, TX 78155. Put a note in to credit Philip Greenspun and ArsDigita for the donation.

It's our way of saying "THANK YOU PHILIP!" for two years of free forum service! We all observed it "really" motivated him to pull in help on a holiday week to get us up and running on back-up servers, until we can move to more permanent machines, that aren't on their last legs.

Thank you... to the Forum Posters... as well... for showing Philip we appreciate him and MIT!!!


( Diane J. Squire (, January 07, 2000." ( _______________________________________________


Funny, but really sad (spammers) : LUSENET : TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) : One Thread

I just watched the blitz by 'ladylogic' this afternoon....

Really kinda funny. It doesn't bother me much, I can happily ignore this stuff just like I did all her other junk.

But ... it started me thinking. Can you imagine what kind of life you would have to have before it became worth your time to do what she/he/it is doing? Man, if I ever get that low I hope someone puts me out of my misery. Imagine... spending your time writing spam and posting it on some internet board....just cause you thought it was fun.

Wow.... thats sad. Before you jump on her/him/it, think about it a bit. Maybe pity would be a better reaction. Just think what their life must be like......


-- Art Welling (, December 28, 1999


Dunno Art, whole lotta new folks posting here, and we get a worthless person like that posting...GGGGRrrr. Gets the ole' combat instincts fired up... Someone needs to virus that chick.

-- Billy Boy (, December 28, 1999.

what about email bombs?

-- (.@...), December 28, 1999.

She comes across as an intrinsically useless and worthless person. Difficult to pity someone like that.

-- Tiara (, December 28, 1999.

Billy Boy.

I understand what you are saying.

But, aint this like coming under attack from someone too stupid to realize that 'click' means the gun is empty?

Another view.... If there are 'sides' to this issue, then having somebody like that on the other 'side' is like getting a gift. I mean.... isn't she/he/it just a perfect representative for the polly viewpoint?

At this late date.... I just pity her/him/it.

-- Art Welling (, December 28, 1999.

That's strange, I find it very easy to pity you Tiara.

-- (, December 28, 1999.

Mr Erskine, WHY would you want to send e-mail bombs?

Can you say something more stupid please, the pollies don't have ENOUGH ammo yet!


-- (, December 28, 1999.

Death will spread her wings across the land! Cannibalism to become common. : LUSENET : TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) : One Thread

How can any sane individual ignore the truth that there are gonna be a whole lotta dead people around in the next year and a half? There will be so many dead that it will be impossible to bury them all. Mass cremation will be the only solution. I could even see these turning into BBQ's for the hungary survivors left-ever hear of the Donner Party and their adventures? Ever read Lucifer's Hammer? My guess is that canniablism becomes standard practice in the next couple years. But then again people could get sick if they ate people who starved to death or died of disease. Anyone care to add anything here.

( Will cannibalism happen? (, February 17, 1999

Someone mentioned not letting the wood stove damp too low....along those lines, hubby and I have decided to stock up on blankets for all of us and heavy duty blanket sleepers for the four year old and plan on keeping each other warm at first, as smoke coming out of the fireplace means, "Come HERE!" In other words, we will not even start a fire in the fireplace unless we are freezing to death or the worst of the civil unrest is over. BTW, we live in a suburb of Dallas so we can get away with this. I know some people in the burbs who are buying generators for crying out loud. Yeah, that's what I want--all the damn lights on in my house when everyone else's are out!

The plywood on the windows is a good idea....we have bought a bunch of 6 mil black polyethylene film to darken the windows but I like the idea of the broken glass in the front yard..

Hey how bout a sign in the front yard that says:


Think that'll do it? STaying LOw

( staying low (, February 16, 1999.

uh, guys...I think Dieter may have a point this time. Art's advice to

" Have simple hand signals. The signal to shoot the person nearest to you can be raising your hands at your sides. The all clear signal can be wiping sweat off your face. "

could lead to some unintended and pretty disastrous situations.

( a (a@a.a), February 17, 1999.

Paranoia is well justified. This is a police state. No less so because the iron hand is in a velvet glove. This became a police state when "peace officers" became "police officers", making sure (policing) you will obey the myriad of statute laws passed to control you in all aspects of your life, from how many guns of what type you can own, how much money you can move around without being criminalized, to what sorts of herbs and chemicals you can ingest, to deciding who you have to deal with (anti-discrimination) laws, when you can drive in what traffic lane ...

In the Y2K area, the government has shown it cannot be trusted. The reason could be stupidity or nefariousness. Take your pick.

You want those clowns or a-holes (take your pick) to know your business?

( A (, February 14, 1999.

Have you by any chance seen de Jagers' metamorphosis recently from bear to beanie baby. Why the u-turn? He has been bought off or leaned on or cracked up.

( Andy (, February 11, 1999.

De Jager is definitely an expert if anyone can be. But he is one who, for whatever reason, has lost his integrity, his mind, and he has turned around to feed us sleepy-bedtime stories. Perhaps he's sold his soul to the government and helps them in their campaign to "calm the public", perhaps he is acting alone, afraid himself of the public panic and crashing economy. Whatever his motive, he is now not telling the truth anymore.

-- Chris (, February 14, 1999.

I'm not fond of Clinton or his friends, either, having worked in a top branch of Arkansas state government in the 70s--and been fired and blacklisted in Little Rock. Try supporting yourself and a young child on THAT sort of record. Want to hear how I lost my house because I couldn't get a job for three months, despite 52 interviews? The 53rd was conducted by a transplanted Scot--and he hired me, thank God. I'm happy to report that the head of the office was indicted not long ago. Anyway, let's stipulate that Clinton and his administration are whitewashing more than Whitewater and they can't be trusted on ANYthing. Those on Clinton's case seem to be taking care of the problem all right. For my part, I don't have enough energy to go after Clinton as well; I need all I've got to prepare for Y2k. I think there are enough direct connections to show Clinton and the administration are screwing up royally over Y2K, tangents about sexual proclivities don't help me. I'm much more interested in who's got Aladdin lamps available, who's got the best bargains on canned veggies this week, and just what can be read between the lines of government and business reports so I can better plan.

( Old Git (, February 11, 1999

( ( Anyone willing to bet that the majority of pollyannas are under 30? I didn't say "all," I said "majority." I hypothesize that those who can remember (or appreciate) life before Sputnik constitute the vast majority of doombrooders. Those in the middle age range will remember the energy shortages of the mid-70s and lean towards doombrooding. Doombrooders of tender age have probably experienced a devastating tornado, hurricane, flood, brushfire or earthquake. In short, adverse experience separates the pragmatists from the idealists. (We wrinklies are on intimate terms with Murphy and his associates.) ( ( -- Old Git (, January 31, 1999.

So, you are going to learn COBOL, and help bail us out of this mess? With your attitude, I know you'll introduce more fucking problems than you'll solve, you dumb basterd! Shove it up your ass, and blow me you stupid cunt!

( Sysman (, January 30, 1999.

2) The President IS lying. He has proven himself to be a consistent and regular liar, so why should this issue be any different? He is not a stupid man (reckless and impulsive, yes, but not stupid). And neither is he uninformed. The CIA, FBI, Senate, House, Navy, and a hundred other agencies have hinted around if not come straight out and said we will have serious problems. He has the most inside information of anyone in the country, and should therefore have the clearest picture of anyone in the country. How can he NOT believe we will have large scale failures?

I only hope that Lewinsky is what he's remembered for, and not Y2K.

cavscout (wondering where@we're. headed), November 13, 1999.

( (Ladylogic@.....), February 17, 2000 : LUSENET : TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) Rollover/Back-Up Forum : One Thread

I am fairly well educated person. I have heard many good arguments over the years both in favor of and against something. To date, I have not heard exactly what truth LL, et al speaks of. Maybe I'm dense, but I really would like to know. My e-mail address is real. If you feel more comfortable replying privately, that's fine to.

-- rc white (, December 29, 1999


Like many others she can only see one side of the story. It is very sad that her mind can't see the other...

-- BiGG (, December 29, 1999.

LL, if you contact me privately, you will see that I am an objective person. I have not hocked my soul for anything and no I don't censor my email. I try to be an objective person. Perhaps you can shed some light on a perspective of the problem that I may have missed.

-- rc white (, December 29, 1999.

It is called denial, a protective mechanism of the mind in which a person creates the delusions that they prefer to see, because their mind is incapable of accepting reality.

-- Hawk (flyin@high.again), December 29, 1999.

...for those who commit suicide...

Let us hope you are counted in the numbers.


------Do you have flat knees?

-- a (, December 29, 1999.

rc, Opps, I just called you "cw" in the mail I just sent you. I'm sorry. I was trying to work too fast.

Don't trust her, rc. She only spouts lies and stupid polly spin.

-- (, December 29, 1999.

Lol LL, usually when a lady says she has "beautiful knees," it means that she is about 200 lbs. overweight. Hope you have stored a LOT of food! :-)

-- Hawk (flyin@high.again), December 29, 1999.

To a certain extent I would love for you to provide, as you so frequently demand, PROOF of these remeadiations. Rather than being churlish and destructive, why don't you attempt to provide the proof that you so strongly speak of.

Many people on this forum are inherently distrustful of any government agency, be it for personal reasons and/or experiences. Why must you, against all popular ideals, demand that you, and you alone can save us from ourselves. Considering the fact that you have never posted any pertinant information about yourself shows the cowardice, malice and forthought you have. Much like the vaunted minority telling the majority what to do, or the big kid pushing the little kid around on the schoolyard, this isn't about you wanting to tell any great "truth"...Its about a sad individual so wrapped up in some desperate ploy to control and command the masses. I remember when you first started posting, you attempted to contribute, but without first rationally thinking, you posted poorly, and were flamed for it. Because of this, you turned and made it you self- proclaimed "mission" to save us from ourselves.

Let me tell ya sweetheart...Ive killed better people than you in wartime, and lived to tell about it. I don't need the likes of you 'saving' me. Just a statement of fact. I'm a disabled war veteran of the Gulf War who qualifies as the bitter,untrusting vet. It took the .mil three years to finally decide that my injuries were bad enough, and then they didn't want to pay me my rightful due.

So for you LL, I have contempt, and disgust at your terrorist and bullying tactics. I hope that you are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Just leave us alone...go away... we grow weary of your harangues.

-- Billy Boy (, December 29, 1999.

So, Billy Boy,

Do you want a piece of me? Ya wanna kill me? I'll get you first...

Bap!...Bap...Bap!! (Insert cyber .357 hollow points here.)


-- (, December 29, 1999.

Last night I had a peek at the TB2000 deleted threads forum the trolls started in November. That forum claims to be archiving all the deleted posts from TB2000. It is supposed to be the Proof (capital "P") that the Truth (capital "T") is being manipulated by the sysops deleting troll posts here. Their Truth is a Lie! They cannot claim truth unless they include ALL the deleted posts. They don't seem to want to include LL and Y2K Pro's SPAM. Ah, well...can't blame them for that. But, isn't selective posting of only some deleted posts a form of censorship and manipulation? Hypocrites!! LL, go SPAM that board...they're deleting your posts! They don't want people to see your truth!

-- (, December 29, 1999.

How did I know you would respond as such? Let me spine, no guts, hmmnn...sounds like a slug to me. Amazing. all sorts of chances to rebutt my commentary, and you go, yet again, on the low road. Get a grip...and get your own post. As Unk said, nobody likes a bully.

And as far as a 357, I don't think you could ever hope to pull that one off. (PS...the "I'll get you first" comment, according to the firm's lawyer, is grounds to prosecute. My comments were carefully screened (by him) in the hopes you would fuck up like that. So, be nice, lest I drop this off to my local law enforcement authority.)

-- Billy Boy (, December 29, 1999.


LOL....don'tcha love irony?

-- Bokonon (, December 29, 1999.

-- (, February 18, 2000

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