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Complain about Ladylogic46@aol.com

-- xyz (exforumregular@lurker.com), February 18, 2000



For someone with as much animosity toward GIs as Lady Logic seems to have, I find it strange that she seems to enjoy SPAM so much! LOL!

-- No Polly (nopolly@hotmail.com), February 18, 2000.

It's not that, it's this...

-- Powder (Powder47keg@aol.com), February 18, 2000.

xyz- you got that right? It just takes me to a main page. I'll complain if you post a better link.

-- don't (wanna@get.spammed), February 18, 2000.

If she remains true to form, LL will next post a gushing apology; if not to the entire forum, then at least to particular individuals that she has overabused (unfortunately this will not include Diane). She did this many times at Debunkers. The woman has the capability of great charm and intelligence when her MPD is operating out of a happy place. Alas, she seems to be moving further into nether-space and I worry for her. Diane, thanks for your patience and consistent attention to this disruption.

-- (nemesis@awol.com), February 18, 2000.

You might mention her IP number:

-- - (Sysop@pooper.scooper), February 18, 2000.

Thanks for your efforts, Sysop on Scooper Duty. I hope that it isn't going to be a long afternoon. I sent in a complaint to Abuse@AOL.com.

-- (kb8um8@yahoo.com), February 18, 2000.

don't~ It is an "e-mail address"....They also have a web page. I know this is the correct e-mail address because I got a reply back from them. They said to see if it was a forgery as that is quite common. I am relying on sysops here as she said this was her real handle. They said that if it persisted past 72 hours...Does a year count?...that they would REALLY look into it.

I figure the more complaints the better. So in summing up, e-mail your complaints to abuse@aol.com.....don't try to "log onto it"...okay?

And I'm outa here again. G'luck!

-- xyz (exforumregular@lurker.com), February 18, 2000.

Sysop: You said:

You might mention her IP number:

This information gives AOL NOTHING. It is not HER IP number. It is only the IP number she was given at a particular point in time. You must back up this IP number with the time log information for them to track her.

The only thing shown by the above IP number [if no time is present] is that the user dialed in using AOL. I've seen LL post on other fora with I've seen I've also seen Marianne Michaels with and See what I mean? ANYONE who uses AOL at a given point in time could have this IP number. This is why folks are blowing in the wind without a time- stamp to back up the IP number.

-- Anita (notgiving@anymore.com), February 18, 2000.


Greenspun's s/w doesn't time stamp... at least the part the Sysops can see. AOL is watching today.

Laura switches between 152.xxx.xxx.xxx and 171.xxx.xxx.xxx... very consistently...

Asked by (Ladylogic@..........) from on February 17, 2000.
DNS now: maps to ... 98A64E79.ipt.aol.com

Asked by (ladylogic46@aol.com) from on February 18, 2000.
DNS now: maps to ... ABD537BD.ipt.aol.com


-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), February 18, 2000.

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