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Please use the automailer at this link... craft your own letter on this issue, or feel free to modify this one for your own use:

Dear elected representative,

As long as the anti-gun crime bill (H.R. 1501) remains in a conference committee, I hope that you will let House and Senate leaders know that this bill should NEVER see the light of day.

Consider just some of the problems with this bill.

The Senate version of the crime bill -- and the likely conference report -- would ban the private sale of firearms at gun shows unless the gun buyer submits to a government-registration background check.

The Senate language could also implement greater gun owner registration, since the bill includes a new requirement that could give the government the serial numbers of firearms gun owners have recently purchased. Gun registration is a precursor to confiscation, and confiscation is never accompanied by reimbursement, thus it leads to violation of the second and fourteenth amendments to our Constitution.

The bill would allow federal bureaucrats to slap an indirect tax on firearms purchasers at gun shows by letting them impose higher fees on gun show promoters -- fees which, of course, get passed on to the buyers.

The bill limits self-defense with gun-lock safety requirements. And it opens the door to BATF harassment of gun owners by committing $40 million to increasing the presence of that agency -- not to investigate murders, violent felonies, or crimes of violence, but to pursue firearms "offenses" (such as record keeping and other innocuous errors by otherwise law-abiding Americans). It seems to me that the last time the BATF tried to increase its presence, it led to the burning and shooting deaths of several unfortunate Texas residents.

I hope you will totally oppose this anti-gun crime legislation.

Please let me know what you intend to do.


-- Longshot (, February 18, 2000


Great suggestion Longshot!

I suggest everyone sends one a day. I will.

I only added one line "Remember, your vote determines how I vote."

-- Powder (, February 18, 2000.

So because this bill is unconstitutional, then can I take actions against my rep if he supports it? Like petition to disbar?

-- Hokie (, February 19, 2000.

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