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When dealing with #3 shutters is there any difference in the smoothness and quietness of the release between Compur, Copal and Proctor shutters? Is the compur less likely to shake as it releases? I understand from people that have used #3 shutters on long lenses that the Copal 3 releases with quite a klunck causing vibration. The weight of some lenses mounted on #3 shutters, as for example 300 and beyond Symmars or Sironars should help dampen shutter-caused vibration, however my concern is with lighter lenses such as Apo Ronar 360, which relative to the shutter are lighter than their sironars or Symmar counterparts. Compurs are much more expensive. Aside from their other advantages such as 1/3 stops and durability, are they worth the money as relates to vibration? One informat says Compurs are quieter and soother.

-- Julio Fernandez (, February 18, 2000


It depends on the age of the Compurs. I've used old Compurs of 1950-70s vintage which were very sweet in operation, but the layout of the controls was very unergonomic. I have one modern Compur 0 shutter fitted to a 90mm Grandagon-N, which is very clunky, and quite frankly I prefer the Copal shutters for operation, accuracy, and reliability.

If it's anything to go by, Linhof were very quick to adopt Copal shutters for their badged lenses.

-- Pete Andrews (, February 21, 2000.

Proctor shutters are of course designed exclusively for use with the Proctoscope

-- Sean yates (, February 21, 2000.

Get out of here, pronto, Sean!

-- Pete Andrews (, February 24, 2000.

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