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hi guys ! (long post , sorry)

i know that some guys already have answered this question (and helped me via email : (thanx lnguyen) in this forum but i 've tried and tried again but couldnt managed to create my own vcd with the aiw 128

this is the problem !

i m capturing an mpeg 1 file with all the setting set as defaults :

format : mpeg 1 352*288 pal (i leave in france) format 4/3 , 25 i/sec gop : 15/3 video bitrate : 1150000 b/sec (could this be the problem ?) the option that is underneath video bitrate is called in french :performance d estimation du mouvement (i think its motion compensation in english) its set at 3 and its said that more is better but depends on the cpu speed , so i let it at 3 ! stereo , 224 kb/sec, 44100hz then i clik ok , ok , ok and i capture !

but ez cd keeps tellong me that my system clock reference is "1050" which is not compliant with the vdc standard !

i am very disapointed and i ve tried ur method lnguyen but i dont understand , it still wont work for me ...

but im a tough (lol) guy so i ve tried something else : i ve used ulead video studio version 3 (the one that came with my ati board) AND 4 first which one is the best,why ?

okay so i ve read the usefull post "mattias vs ulead" :-) but theres something i couldnt understand , u guys told him to enable the (cd compatibilyty) lnguyen wrote : "The one thing you must to do is to check the box underneath the window that says optimized for CD-ROM. If you don't check this box, the Mpeg1 file will not be VCD for me everytime"

where the hell is it ?? i cant find it , maybe its because im using a different version of this software ? (european softs are sometimes different...)

then i ,ve chosen to try anyway i ve choosed the pal vcd profile (which seems to be vcd compliant) good audio and vide bitrate , etc

and the capture starts ! BUT (hehe) after 20 minutes of recording , the soft tells me that either the bitrate is too fast for my hd drive or i dont have enough free space !! ( i have a 20.4 gigas 7200tm, udma 66 ) so i was a little bit surprised ? is it because ulead doesnt captuer in mpeg but in avi first ? i thought it wasnt the case ...

well thats all for now guys , sorry for this long and boring post but i really need some help caus now i dont know what to do anymore . jesus , if only ati had realeased a straight mpeg1/vcd complaint board , everyone would be happy !!!

frederic luu (forgive my poor english)

-- Frederic Luu (, February 18, 2000


I am using the same capture board and I was having the same problem. I don't think we can use this card to capture to a true VCD 2.0 compliance mpg. I always have to endcode my output to VCD compliance using Panasonic encoder or Ifilm Editor, before Easy CD Creator would accept my mpg files.

-- Keyman (, February 18, 2000.

Hey guys just click on the add anyway when use EZ CD. Note the ! in front of the 1050 clock. This sign says it may not work on your DVD but it's ok to use. As long as the red X does not appear next to any of the data settings in EZ CD it will make the VCD for you. PAL video bit rate is 1120kbits/sec. In order for EZ to be happy the clock reference has to be at 1200. I dump EZ CD and go with Nero, 100 bucks shot to hell, oh well....

-- lnguyen (, February 18, 2000.

hi guys ! thanx for trying to help me ...

the reason why i dont choose "add anyway" with ez cd 4 is that there IS a big and stupid red cross coming with the "1050" number ...

i dont understand , i ve tried ur method and everything is set to default ... i really dont understand !! maybe its because ati screwed the european software , i dont see anything else , the problem is that i dont know anyone else who owns also owns the european version of the board :-(

once again i hope u will be able to help byebye

-- frederic luu (, February 18, 2000.


Check your mail....

-- lnguyen (, February 18, 2000.

anybody have crack for Ulead Video Studio??? please send to me at


-- detrue (, November 14, 2000.

hey detrue, let me know if you have the cracked ulead video studio i only have trial version


-- shello (, November 14, 2000.

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