OT - Australia to Squirrel King - Field Activity Report

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Field Activity Report,
Victoria Country Region,
Deepest South of OZ.

Hail Squirrel King,
Light casualties sustained in foray at Warrnambool.

While Natural Resources and Environment believes the city may be winning the war against the us feathered fiends and avengers, I assured your glorious revolution is indeed in fullest flight!
We infiltrated an animal welfare group questioned the culling method tactics and we anticipate a 'Royal' investigation at the very least.
The enemy is using Birdfrite and live ammunition in their fruitless efforts to move our winged battalions on.
As the campaign against the us 'pesky birds' escalates I wish to assure you that 'stick and stones' namecalling will be revenged a thousand times over.

Viva the glorious rodent revolution!
Fraternally Rodents All,

Bro Possum,
Possum Power Inc.

Skirmish Link

PS Please note effective biological warfare engaged but with patchy results.


Posted via servile scribe

-- Pieter (zaadz@icisp.net.au), February 18, 2000

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