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Year 2000 Computer Bug Hoax: Why this is such a good scam

The best illogic starts with a true premise.

In this case, some computers will have a little problem with Year 00. After that truism, it gets weird.

A good scam ... can be summarized in a few words. "Computers won't know what Year 00 is."

A good scam ... sounds like it has technical validity. "I'm able to figure out that I'm 50 years old by subtracting my birth year of '49 from the current year of '99, but next year when I subtract '49 from '00 - I'll be negative 49 years old!"

A good scam ... sounds like it will affect millions of people. "Computers are everywhere. Planes will crash because they use computers, so will elevators. The banks will crash. The high-tech weapons of the military will freeze."

and the best one:

A good scam ... rests on EGO. No one wants to look stupid. Once someone buys into a scam, they'll do or say anything not to look the fool. That is what fuels a scam.

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