Have the authorities been notified?

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Have the authorities been notified?

-- policeonway (policeonway@nowhere.com), February 17, 2000


Well, I've tried this. I contacted an officer of the New Jersey computer crimes division in Trenton and directed him to the site. He took to the time to come here because he is a good friend of my husbands. He said "Okay, I see" and that he would address the problem. And that was all he would say. I don't know what "address the problem" means, and since it was late, I didn't want to annoy him any further. In any case, it won't be tonight, since he's at home. Will be interesting to see...

-- kritter (kritter@adelphia.net), February 17, 2000.

Thank you, Kritter. And thanks to everyone who is helping.

-- Sysop (bloody@but.unbowed), February 17, 2000.

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