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This ink set has finally appeared at a couple of dealers, I have been waiting for it to come out since I'm not that interested in cool B&W prints, and the warm set is far too red for my taste. When printed with the Marrut curves they look neutral to slightly cool under artificial light, cool under window light. When the inks are printed individually with PressReady it becomes apparent this is a mixed set. The 25% is reddish, the 50% kinda neutral, the 75% cool, the 100% looks neutral. The Marrut curves do a very broad blend so it all sort of goes together, but since there isn't much removal of dark inks from mid to light tones the dithering could be better. A more severe separation of the inks into their appropriate tonal areas greatly improves the dithering, however the different ink tints begin to show now. Lighter tones a touch red, darker tones cool. Very much like the old MIS set, the difference is the MIS set was warmer/yellower overall. The Lysonics do not puddle or mottle at all like the pigment inks can do, and it seems higher total ink is possible on the page before bleeding. Overall I like them, I personally like a very slight tint variation in B&W prints, I wish they were just a bit less cool overall. According to Wilhelm these should last. A window test so far is unchanged. Of course now the Cone quad system is out, they say the 1270 monochrome setting is stunning, and I presume the Small Gamuts will follow, so it's a moving target. I'll be using these at least until they run out. Tyler

-- Tyler Boley (, February 17, 2000

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