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Go ahead and answer it yourself! You can cut and paste from here:

Section 1: Your Health

Please list the names of the following:

Section 2: Your leisure time

Please list three local hot tub places you enjoy, your favorite first:

Please list three retreat/resorts you have either experienced or enjoyed or have heard about and have been meaning to check out:

Have you tried any of the following:

Are you comfortable being naked...

Have you ever been to a nude beach?

How many times have you gone to Burning Man?

What's the longest time you've spent at Burning Man?

Section 3: Your belief systems

Do you have a religion you identify with?

If yes, do you regularly attend church/rituals?

Have you had your tarot cards read in the past 6 months?

Why not?

Is your aura balanced or have you ever gone to have it balanced?

Please list any workshops you have attended since moving to California:

List three causes you've gone to bat for:

Did you fly to Seattle to protest WTO?

Why not?

Please list any activities or classes you enjoy on a regular basis:

Please list any activities or classes you don't enjoy, but still attend on a regular basis because you think you ought to:

Please list any activities or classes you don't enjoy, don't attend, but regularly feel guilty about skipping out on anyway:

Do you speak any language other than your native tongue?

How many languages can you identify when overhearing them in conversation?

Do you give money to homeless people?

Section 4: Your technological savvy

Do you have a pager?

Do you have a cell phone?

How many "free minutes" do you have a week?

Do you have an internet connection in the office?

Do you have a connection at home?

How fast is/what is your connection?

Do you have your own webpage?

If yes is it:

How many hits do you get a day?

Do you know what trolling is?

How many newsgroups/ forums do you read/post to daily?

How many websites do you read daily?

How many of your browser's bookmarks have you looked at only once and then forgotten about (estimate)?

How many email accounts do you have?

How many do you actually read?

Eudora, NetscapeMail, or Pine?

Make a smiley face for me:

Make a better smiley face, dammit.

Do you know what IMHO means?

How about YMMV?



Section 5: Your living situation

How many people live in your house?

How many of them did you know before you moved in?

Is your kitchen vegan or just vegetarian?

Do you stick to your "chore wheel"?

Have you ever lived in a commune or communal-living situation?

How many kitchen appliances/utensils/dishes did you lose while living in the commune?

Do you have to sleep with earplugs because:

Do you pay over $400 a month for your shared living situation?

If yes, do you consider this a real bargain and are afraid to move for fear of not finding a rent this low again?

Do you own a car?

Do you own a bike?

Do your roommates give you a dirty look when you pass up the bike to drive the car instead?

Do you have a TV in your house?

Are you allowed to watch it

Do you have your own phone line?

Do you know your roommates' phone numbers?

Section 6: Personal style

How long have you owned your Birkenstocks?

How many times have you had them resoled?

How many pairs of sandals do you own?

Hippie, gothic or punk?

Or are you just a yuppie?

Don't tell me you're a dot-com-er?

Will you date outside your social clique (example: if you're a hippie, would you date a punk-rock girl)?

Describe the appearance & location of your tattoos:

How many piercings do you have, & where?

How many have you had to get pierced multiple times because your body keeps rejecting the piercing stud/hoop/bar?

What color is your hair?

What color was it last week?

What color was your hair originally?

Have you ever had bi-colored hair?

Was it in streaks, spots or something else entirely?

Men: do you have a goatee or a full beard?

Do you tie your hair back, or leave it loose?

Women: have you ever had a buzz cut?

Have you ever worn butterfly clips?

Section 7: Other forms of recreation

Have you ever paid more than 60 an eighth?

But it was worth it, right?

Have you been to a rave?

How much Ecstasy did you take that night?

Describe the view of the sunset from the Berkeley Marina.

Now describe without reference to past experiences with major hallucinogenics.

Have you ever puked 'shrooms?

Are you a member of the Century Club?

What is the largest bong you've ever used?

How many Dead shows did you attend?

How many Phish shows?

List three things that drive you nuts about some of these Phish phans:

What do you think of people who huff?

Who do nitrous?

Have you ever been worried about passing a drug test?

How'd you pass it?

Section 8: Your sex life

Name three new kinky things you've tried since moving to California (non-natives only):

Are you bisexual?

Were you bisexual before moving to California? If no, what caused the change?

Have you tried polyamory?

If no, are you pretty sure you know what polyamory is?

Do you have poly friends?

If yes, please list three possible benefits of polyamory:

If you have tried polyamory, list three awkward situations you've experienced:

Have you ever been invited to a sex party?

Did you go?

Why or why not?

How many sex toys do you own?

What would you estimate the net worth is of your sex toys?

Have you seen:

True or False: 1970's porn has nothing over the sleek new porn of today.

Can you comfortably watch a porno with your housemates?

List three of your favorite sex toy stores:

Do you care if your housemates overhear parts of your sex life?

Do you (and your partner, if applicable) wish you had the guts to invite your housemates to join?

Do you refrain from extending the invitation because you're afraid of hurting the feelings of the housemate you would NOT invite?

Have you ever witnessed a live sex act?

Have you ever witnessed a live sex act other than your own?

Have you ever been watched while performing a live sex act?

-- Heather (, February 17, 2000

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