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Mr. Kosmicki, Here are my questions from the first reading of The Inhabited Woman 1. Is Julian involved with the "movement"?

2. What was the determining factor to make Lavinia join the "movement"?

3. Why does Julian work so closely with Lavinia on the General's house when he has not worked so closely with her on other projects?

-- Anonymous, February 17, 2000


1. Yes Julian is involved with the movement. I think so because... a) He was very generous when Felipe was goen for his reasons b) He insisted that Lavinia design the house and be a building assistent c)I think he was there at he end when the movement took over the house. 2. Lavinia joins the movement because of Felipe and Flor. She wants to understand what Felipe is involved in so she can be closer to him. She also joins becasuse she admires Flor. The way that she handles herself and I think Lavinia is a bit jeleous of the way she hadles herself and is involved in the movement. 3. Julian works so close to Lavinia on this project becasue he is part of the movement and knows how important it is that the movement make the attack on the general. He wants everything to be perfect. I believe that he knows Lavinia is part of the movemtent and uses her for the good of the movement, while she doesn't know that Julian is a movement member.

-- Anonymous, June 30, 2000

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