What Cambo lens board for Angulon 90mm in Compur shutter?

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I just bought a Calumet 45NX on ebay. I also bought a Linhof Angulon 90mm in a Synchro-Compur Shutter. What lens board do I need? What tools do I need to mounth the lens to the lens board?

-- Gary Marshall (gemarshall@corp.olin.com), February 17, 2000



You'll need a recessed Cambo (Calumet) board drilled for the synchro compur (probably a "0")...especially if you don't have a bag bellows for the 45NX. Your movements will still be a little limited with the standard bellows. You didn't state it, but I assume the 90mm Angulon is an f8. The recessed board will make it difficult to reach the shutter controls but you can do it OK if your fingers aren't too large. A pencil works OK too. Calumet sells an angled cable release adapter, but their cheapo cable release works fine if you simply keep it attached all the time. That's a convenience you'll really appreciate.

Any adjustable spanner wrench will work once you have removed the rear element. The most convenient (and cheapest) approach is the Toyo wrench which is a flat peice of metal with all standard shutter sizes cut into the edges. I think they run $12-$15. Just use the one marked Compur 0 which is probably the size shutter on your lens.

Good Luck, Jim

-- Jim Blecha (jbphoto@home.com), February 17, 2000.

I have a Super Angulon in a syncro Compur. It takes about a 27mm opening in the lensboard. I belive this is a #00. It would be good to give the estimated board hole size to your supplier when you order. If it is indeed a #00 it is a less common size and may cause some confusion, as it has with folks I've ordered from.

-- Roger Rouch (rrouch@msn.com), February 17, 2000.

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