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HI!! I'm in the p[rocess of becoming certified through DONA. I have 2 children first baby was c section and second was VBAC. For the VBAC I had a doula and it was the most awesome amazing incredible experience!!! I was so inspired by this experience and I have found my calling!! My husband is soo supportive of my decision, as he knows first hand the value of a doula!! Any way I have my first client, she is my husbands cousins wife, and is due in June. I have just ordered my cert packet and about 7 books recommended on the DONA site. I will be attending my trainih in the end of April. I could use some advice though with this being my first birth!!!

Look forward to heaing from you!!! Amie

-- Amie Rath (, February 17, 2000


Read those wonderful books. Trust in birth. Hold her hand when she needs it and tell her what a wonderful job she is doing.

No matter what, always be the one who know that she can do it. That is your job. A doula trusts birth. We aren't hired to be worried about safety- we are hired to trust and help mom to trust so she can simply birth her baby.

Have fun- Kirsten

-- Kirsten Gerrish (, February 28, 2000.

Hi Amie, My advice to you is to first know and appreciate what an honor you are receiving to be present at birth. Beyond that, simply be with the mom as fully and completely as you can, using your inner wisdom to guide you in how much participation is needed from you at any time. Let her know by your voice and your touch that you are there with her no matter what she is going through. You can't do anything wrong, that is important to know. Your inner wisdom is so much more vital than your knowledge and bag of tricks. And don't forget Dad, Granndma or friend either.

-- Alison Langley (, March 19, 2000.

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