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Bush pledges to scale back antitrust enforcement

Compiled by CBS MarketWatch Last Update:6:14 AM ET Feb 17, 2000

"NEW YORK (CBS.MW) -- George W. Bush, the Republican presidential frontrunner, indicated he would scale back antitrust enforcement if he won the White House, presaging a return to the minimalist intervention of the Reagan era. The Financial Times reported that in his first public comments on antitrust policy, the Texas governor said he would restrict antitrust action to clear cases of price-fixing in markets - a standard many high-profile cases in recent years would not meet. His comments suggest the landmark Microsoft (MSFT: news, msgs) antitrust case, which returns to court next week for final legal arguments, would not have begun under a Bush administration." "Financial Times"

I'm wondering if this would be a necessary move to help American-owned companies stay American-owned. Does anyone know about foreign anti-trust laws? Thanks!

-- Deb M. (vmcclell@columbus.rr.com), February 17, 2000


oh yea, these antitrust laws have been so strictly enforced recently...

are you kiddng me?

bp/amoco, aol/tw, every f'in bank in the world...

what a joke.



-- mike (mike@knuckledragger.com), February 17, 2000.

Sounds like he is angling for a large donation from Bill Gates.

-- a programmer (a@programmer.com), February 17, 2000.

Sheesh!!!What are we doing to deserve such abuse. I was looking at needs to know reposting from yesterday. I would sure like to know if the foreign/black market IT people were used in Texas. Now, people, antitrust just might mean giving IT and other contracts to your good buddies who sub contract these jobs with no regard for security issues etc. Got good reason to wonder, needstoknow. That's a real mailbox, by the way. The rest of you readers go look at that posting. The AG kept this deal mighty close and under wraps. More welfare reform problems, Dubya. Check it out! Sorry, fellow republicans. I voted for these jerks.

-- another government hack (keepwatching_2000@yahoo.com), February 17, 2000.

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