NY blessing

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Where can I leave my message? I just want to wish that in the new year, may Tzu Chi Singapore be blessed with expertise, talented, creative and innotive people who at the same time cherish Tzu Chi's Culture and agreed with Tzu Chi missions to see Tzu Chi Singapore through the millenium. WE NEED TO CHERISH THEM AND LET THEM(young or old) USE THEIR TALENTS AND CREATIVIVITY IN ORDER TO LET THEM FEEL HOMELY AND THAT THEIR CREATIVITY IS USED FULLY SO THAT THEY WILL STAYYY! (remember that we have already loss some talented people along the way because they were not fully allowed to share their creativity in the old Tzu Chi Singapore Organisation)

bu qiu yi qie xun li, zi qiu wo men zong wen di zong que wu!

From the exploding creative Singaporeans

-- James (ewjlow@pacific.net.sg), February 17, 2000

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