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Have you ever done any acting? Been in a play, or a movie? I was a theater major in college. I think I decided not to pursue it after a while because I didn't like the roles that were available to 20-year-old girls. But maybe I'll get back into it.

Your turn.

-- Molly Zero (, February 16, 2000


a star ISN'T born

I was in a musical once, and it was the most fun I can remember having in HS. Also, a movie was made at a college near me a couple of years back and they needed extras. I got to sit around all day and do nothing and get paid for it, but they never used me in the movie. I've always been star-struck. I've always wanted to get into acting, but I get so nervous, that I don't think I'd ever get past the auditions.

-- Alex (, February 16, 2000.


acting... nope. not on a stage or anything. but occasionally i believe that i could act any way i wanted or be any type of person i wanted around someone new. they would not know the difference. how could they? but i am soooooooooooooo mired in the me i apparently am now that i stumble before i even get started! i hate that.

this question makes me think about regarding henry. that harrison ford movie. he lost his memory and when he was learning who to be all over again, he was NOT the same person. i kinda keep that in mind so i can decide to be someone else at any time. the habits are hard to break. um. maybe habits is all that makes us who we are. scary thought. never entertained it before. maybe journal fodder.

-- julie boyd (, February 18, 2000.

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