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I think it is worth to talk more about the customer service issues that were raised during the meeting. I've had several conversations with people in the group, and I'd like to see if the group's opinions are similar.


Should Southland offer a single point of contact (i.e. customer service department) for our customers?

-- Anonymous, February 16, 2000


I believe this is worthwhile exploring further. Other construction companies seem to think that this is a worthwhile department also. I have been involved with a gentleman named Rick Bartels from Perini Building Company lately who has the title of Post Construction Manager. Perini created this position a few years ago mostly to address warranty issues. Rick takes care of coordinating warranty work but also spends time on projects under construction helping to ensure Perini and their subs have adequate quality control programs in place. He also walks the projects to look for potential pitfalls that would be better avoided. He has taken a very proactive roll in initiating communication and coordination with the subcontractors to ensure a successful, quality project for all participants.

I believe that we all try to accomplish the same objectives, albeit in a much more disjointed way. A single point contact might be a very effective marketing tool as well if it's the correct individual.

-- Anonymous, February 16, 2000

Customer service:

In order to create customers for life, we need to exceed our customers expectations. I believe that the way to accomplish this is to provide not only quality products, but quality service before and after the job is complete.

It could be the best product in it's class, but when I'am the customer and have to go through a million obstacles before I could get quality service, that product might as well go back where it came from.

I have never worked in this industry, but from my experience, it's the same story all around...the customer and the customer service we provide is always top priority.

In conclusion, yes. We should offer a single point of contact (i.e. customer service department) for our customers.

-- Anonymous, April 11, 2000

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