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Hi, I am a rookie in the photography world. I have been using a Canon SLR for for 6 months. Personally, I don't need another camera, but I am considering a very kick ass deal in a used market that I have been shopped last week. The deal is a SLR set including a Konica body plus a 50mm/1.4, a 28mm/3.5, a 80-200mm/3.5, 2 lens cases(one for the grant zoom and one for the prime lens), 3 filters and a box which fit everything in perfectly. It cost $350 canadian. I don't know much about Konica camera, but $350 for 3 lens and 1 body sounda like a very good deal. I would cost me at least $400 to build up my AE-1 with the same stuff above. I would consoder to trade my old Canon for this set if it is a good deal. On the other hand, I notice that it is very hard to find a battery for Konica camera. Is it very hard to get a battery? And I have heard of Konica adapter as a battery replacement. Anyone know how its work? I don't want to worry about "really running out of battery" when I own the camera. So the battery problem will be part of my concern regarding to the deal. Any suggestion are welcome.


-- Anonymous, February 16, 2000


used SLR answer

you should find the issue of batteries discussed on this board. BUT, from my experience, the batteries (1.35 mercury) are not hard to get.

about the cost, etc... depends on, of course, the condition of everything. i have an old 50/1.7 lens with a million little dust particles inside. also, what model konica body are we talking?

about cost: i just got into photography also and, so, am familiar with prices.... i see TC's sell for 100 US (in the local camera shops), 50/1.4 for around 30 US (on ebay, i got one last week), 28/3.5 (for about 40 US, got one at local camera shop), 80-200 (hmmm, have seen on ebay go from anywhere between 66 and 173. but keep in mind this is an older VERY big lens, you might find it rather hefty, the 80-200/4 is a lot smaller, vivitar series 1 70-210/3.5 which is, as i understand a very good lens, sells for less than 100 on ebay).

so, in sum... cost for your system (with the vivitar lens) would cost in USD 100 + 30 + 40 +100 = 270 USD = 391 canadian. so, you are getting a good deal.


-- Anonymous, February 16, 2000

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