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I have a comple of MPEG videos that are "broken" in a few places. Basically, at a few sport the video and audio is messed up for a second or so. The audio/video sync messes up at the first bad point a little bit, and then gets worse at each of the rest of the bad spots. In about three bad sports I get two-three second audio lag.

I cannot re-capture the video - I downloaded those. Is there any software that will fix the problem? Oh yeah, I am playing MPEGs off of my harddrive, using software MPEG players (PowerVCD, ActiveMovie, Sony freeware MPEG player).

Thanks, Alex

-- Alex Gavrilov (, February 15, 2000


Try running the files through one of the following programs

VCDGear Web Flix Pro (My Flix Pro)

These can and will fix the problem, for more info on MPEG's goto

-- Hoagie666 (, February 20, 2001.

Try this too :-) FIXMPG1.exe

If nothing works, just chop out bad parts of the movie.

-- CLutChPenCiL (, February 28, 2002.


-- gjkk (, September 24, 2002.

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