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Well. Its a start.

Yes... wed like to see completely alternative non-fossil based fuels available for vehicles no longer dependent on same.

That said, sometimes it takes the first steps, trending in a general direction. I find their plans interesting for potential impact on sustainable business practices.


Plug in the Sun

Through our "Plug in the Sun" programme, we are installing solar panels on the roofs of many of our newest petrol stations to demonstrate to our customers across the world that solar energy is an important form of renewable energy available to everyone. The beauty of today's solar electric technology is that the energy from the sun can be simply harnessed and put to work in your house, factory, or office.

On our new solar petrol stations, each canopy roof above the petrol pumps will be filled with solar panels. They will be capturing sunlight and converting it into electricity for the next 20-30 years with no gases or noise emitted into the environment. All the electrical requirements for refuelling and canopy lighting of the site, during the day and night, will usually be met by the converted energy from the sun. So our fuel forecourts are becoming energy neutral environments.

[see picture at BP Amoco web-site]

We can fill you up by sunshine During the day energy is exported from the canopy roof while at night energy from the national electricity grid is used. So the main electricity supply is used to supplement the generation from the solar installation on the roof if the sunlight level is insufficient to meet the immediate demand. All this new equipment quietly operates with no assistance.

-- Anonymous, February 15, 2000

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