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The idea I thought it was most significant in the storie "I Married an Empiricist" was that those two had so much differences and they still love each other. I always thought that when two person see things different and still be able to understand each other, love each other, live together, and talk about someting with no arguemints, could not live together. The idea I thought was most disagreeable to me was that when he dropped all his plans for the next several weeks and travel a long way to be with his mother in the hospital were she could die any second. She said that it was his futy to do what he had to do. She even went to the honeymoon were she learned more from him. she knew that he was senetive guy. Why was this such a big suprise for her. why is she saying that the reason he did that was just so he can feel proud and confident, not scared. And why is she making her own opinion and not loking for the truth.

-- Anonymous, February 15, 2000

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