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Broadcast glitch fails to faze McCain fans

JOHN GRABER and JULIE STEVENS / Sierra Vista Herald / February 11, 2000 Email this story.

SIERRA VISTA - Though presidential candidate Sen. John McCains speech wasnt televised Thursday evening, spirits remained high as supporters from the Sierra Vista area to Tucson gathered at a local restaurant in celebration.

More than 150 people converged at Famous Sams in hopes of catching McCains 6 p.m. telecast speech from Washington, D.C.

The speech was taped at a Washington fund-raiser, however, Famous Sams satellite dish was unable to pick it up.

According to an employee, the signal coordinates for the satellite did not match with the ones given by McCains office. Satellite dishes in Flagstaff also were unable to pick up the telecast.

Nonetheless, morale remained high, according to Cochise County campaign chairman Tony Saracino.

Were here to wish him luck, he said. More or less its a victory party. We have a lot of people here for McCain. Its a shame we didnt get to see it, but it (the meeting) was very successful.

Saracino said the latest poll in Arizona has McCain with 51 percent of the vote over Republican opponent Texas Gov. George W. Bushs 38 percent.

We are real pleased, he added. I dont remember Bush doing anything for Arizona and McCain will. Tucson resident Cecilia Currieo agrees.

Hes something else, said the wife of James Currieo, one of McCains staff assistant and former national commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Hes a veteran, he knows about military life. Hes knowledgeable about our country and our problems. And he knows how the government works.

Hereford resident Margaret Stephens feels McCains integrity will help him defeat Bush in the end.

Ive listened to Bushs comments and he talks about lowering the taxes in Texas and there is no income tax in Texas, said the former resident, whose son still resides there. A lot of people dont know that. The only way they can have state income tax is if 75 percent of the population of Texas is registered to vote.

Thats one of the main things (about McCain), said Stephens, 66. Hes truthful.

At 7 p.m., Saracino announced to the crowd, The bad news is the speech is over and we missed the broadcast the good news is, we sure did well in New Hampshire, didnt we?

Secretary of State Betsey Bayless showed up to the meeting and said she was with the McCain party as they toured through New Hampshire and South Carolina on the campaign trail.

One thing that struck me was the absolute excitement about this candidate in New Hampshire and South Carolina and we want to engender the same kind of excitement in Arizona, Bayless said of McCain. He really is the best candidate for the Republican nomination.

Bayless also was traveling with the McCain entourage about the time all of the stories were breaking in November about McCain having a temper. She said she was expecting to get hammered from people asking questions about it, but it came up once and that was pretty much the end of it.

I said sure hes got a temper, but weve worked together and Ive displayed my temper and hes displayed his temper but weve got some good things done, Bayless said.

Stephens, a former democrat for 43 years until President Clintons impeachment, said McCains ability to get things done has been his strength thus far.

Hes compassionate, Cecilia Currieo said. For someone who has experienced as much as he has experienced, he has a lot of feeling for the people.

Cecilia Currieo said the alleged negative tactics that have been used in the Bush campaign are unnecessary and that such slander tends to ignite more interest among the population.

I was listening to his comments last night and I agree with him, Cecilia Currieo said referring to the South Carolina mother whose young son received a negative telephone call from an alleged Bush campaign member. If you allow the negative comments, people begin to believe them.

I think he will win handily in Arizona, Bayless said. According to Saracino, the group collected more than $600 for McCains campaign Thursday.


-- Carl Jenkins (, February 15, 2000

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