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I am using MRC reverse loop's detector and as a train enter the gap I get the short and all trains running will jump but keep running. Befor the 8 amp booster I would some time get a overload. I am now running 5 to 6 trains at once with 2 power unit of each train. How can I fix the problem with all the trains jumps when one of them go into the reverse loop. Thanks for the help.

-- Dennis Ray (zackcleo2@aol.com), February 14, 2000


Sounds like you are running the booster(s) within their ratings, but with a heavy load. The momentary short caused by an engine crossing the reversing loop gaps is drawing more current than your power source to the boosters can supply. So the power to the entire layout droops before the auto reverser can switch the relay.

To prove this theory, try running only 2 trains. Does the same hesitation occur? Are you using the same transformer to supply 2 boosters? (this is a no-no) If separate transformers are used are they of equal voltage and ampere size? (they should be) Do you have a common wire tie between the (-) dc buss output [not the track output] of all boosters? (this should be, and it should be grounded)

If there is an adjustment on the auto-reverse unit, try increasing the sensitivity. If you make it too sensitive then a 2 or more engine train running through the loop will cause continuous retripping of the reversing relay. If it is not sensitive enough, the booster may shut down temporarily before the reversing relay trips.

Let us know what you find. DonV

-- Don Vollrath (dvollrath@magnetek.com), February 15, 2000.

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