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Loan problems dog enrolment

by Diana McCurdy

Student-loan problems are becoming an expensive logistical nightmare for Canterbury University, affecting one third of students. Yesterday, 700 pre-enrolled students arrived at the first day of enrolment week to find their loans for fees had not been confirmed and they could not complete enrolment. Canterbury University manager of student services Linda East said the students had been offered provisional enrolment, but would have to complete enrolment next week.

The difficulties follow Work and Income New Zealand admitting last week that it had sent out 22,000 incorrect loan contracts.

Mrs East said the latest problems would double the cost of enrolment for the university. "The cost of this to the university is extremely high."

The university would be scrutinising the extra costs. "Each day we find another thing that's actually costing us. The cost is mounting and we're going to have a very good look," Mrs East said.

Canterbury is the first university to begin finalising its enrolment process.

Winz national student services manager Lorraine Williams said she did not believe there was a link between the bungled contracts and the latest problems.

She could not understand the link between student loans and enrolment. "I think it's probably more to do with the verification process between Winz and the institution."

She said that if the university had enrolled students two weeks ago, none of the problems would have occurred.

Canterbury University Students' Association president Jarrod Gilbert said Ms Williams' claims were "absolutely outrageous".

"I do not believe Winz is saying nothing is wrong when we turned away 700 students today." He predicted further problems would occur when students found they could not access their living costs.

The students' association has set up a food bank and a help desk for students.

Lincoln University will start finalising its enrolments tomorrow when registration week begins.


-- Carl Jenkins (, February 14, 2000


Not to worry, I enrolled my dog in obedience school last week, and he is ok...

-- Mad Monk (, February 14, 2000.

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