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These two characters intrigued me, however I wonder why they would not recognize the hurt they caused Ruth, especially after Daisy died

-- Anonymous, February 14, 2000


I think that they were so set in their ways, that they refused to see anything they did as wrong. They were completely and whole heartedly confidant that how they treated Ruth and her children was what Ruth deserved, and what they thought was right and proper. They thought themselves very religious, and probably felt justified in treating Ruth so badly, because their form of religion, which I think was even a little too strict for their time, did not tolerate anything that even looked carefree or fun. The reason they didn't realize how they hurt Ruth, was because they simply believed that they were in the right and she was in the wrong.

-- Anonymous, February 16, 2000

I agree they were set in their ways. But to me they sound just like in-laws. They always say and show that the one their child married is not good enough for for them. They don't clean good, don't make enough money, don't take care of the children right, and so on. They may come around after a while, some do when the child dies, but never last very long. They start blaming the person they can't stand. I guess I'm speaking of how I'm viewed in my in-laws eyes. I can't stand it. I really don't understand how Ruth deals with it.

-- Anonymous, February 16, 2000

I would probably have to agree with the previous journal which talked about the in-laws. However, could it be that Ruth's parents are just tired of her begging for money and want her to turn out like their other children? The other Hall children seemed to have turned out very successful. Ruth hasn't caught up to their success and I think that her parents might look at her as a disgrace. I too am still puzzled at why her parents just don't give her a chance to prove herself. Ruth's parents don't even seem to want to accept their granddaughter. After all that Ruth has gone through her parents should realize that they aren't making Ruth's situation any easier.

-- Anonymous, February 16, 2000

Like many of the contributes to this question, I also agree that Dr.& Miss Hall were very much set into their religion and old beliefs. I think for the most part, however, these two were jealous of the life of Harry and Ruth Hall. Looking at Harry's and Ruth's lives, anyone would most likely agree that they had a very wonderful one togethor: a beautiful house, a beautiful daughter, a husband with a nice stable job, a viligant wife, and lots of supporting friends. I believe that perhaps Dr.&Miss Hall did not have this sort of life when they were of that age because they were so set in their up-tight religous ways. For example: how Miss Hall when presenting dresses for women, she always comments on how simplistic is the way to be, unlike the frivolous Ruth. Though towards the end, she asks her self aloud if whether or not Ruth would send her such a dress. I think we all know that during all of Miss Hall's life she has(in her sub-concious) wanted to live with just a little more liviness, but she's forced herself to remain in this strict, and simple life probably because she believes the Bible tells her so ,and she wants to be known by others as this high religous woman. Once this couple sees that it is O.K. to live a little less constrained, I think they regret living in this manner and act as if their life is still the best way to be. Deep down inside they are saying,"We could have had more fun. Why didn't we?" Such is the case with different generations;I've seen it in my grandfather's and my dad's.

-- Anonymous, February 19, 2000

Jeez, sounds like Tonya has the in-laws from Hell! I also agree that the Halls were old and set in their ways. Maybe Mrs. Hall's treatment of Ruth stems from jealously. Life may not have been all roses for her when she first got married like it seems to be for Ruth. As for their attitude towards Daisy, it is unexcusable. I don't care that children died young back then. Daisy was their first grandchild and some degree of compassion would have been nice. Thank God I didn't have in-laws like these two. That woman would have never been allowed in my house, and if my husband didn't like it, he could go too!

-- Anonymous, February 20, 2000

Maybe they just want to subconsciously relive their youth when Harry was little and they had complete control over his life. Their son had grown up and left home and then even died. Maybe by kidnapping katy they thought it would be like when Harry was a child. They were unable to control Ruth the way they wanted. They were too old, too tired and too out of touch with anyone but themselves. They wanted things their way and were oblivious to how their behavior affected others.

-- Anonymous, February 20, 2000

I think that Mrs. Hall was too wrapped up in the way she felt about Ruth to really care. She tells Mrs. Jones that the child was better off this way, so obviously she didn't spend enough time with Daisy to really know what she liked and what kind of person she was. Mrs. Hall is very set in the way she thinks and tha tis what makes her not care what Ruth feels. Mrs. Hall only wants to find something wrong with the things that Ruth does. Mr. Hall also has not really been compassionate in that he says that sickness is sent where it is needed. I think that Daisy was happy and Ruth loved her daughter and was very happy in her days with Daisy. Mr. & Mrs. Hall would have surely had more compassion had they opened their eyes and hearts to Ruth earlier and perhaps they all would have learned to truly love eachother. Frankly I believe the Old Halls need to get there heads out of their anal cavities and see their daughter-in-law for the beautiful and sensitive woman she is. They also need to see what an independant and capable man their son has become.

-- Anonymous, April 07, 2000

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