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Dear Students,

I appreciate very much the way this BB is helping us to communicate. Your considerate comments and criticisms are very welcome. Through interactions like this is how we can find ways to improve ourselves and what we do.

I would also like to commend those among you who posted comments under their own names, taking responsibility for what they say and stand for. I take their thoughtful comments seriously and consider them, although I may not always agree or follow the suggested course of action. But I cannot imagine ever to consider any retribution for outspokenness or criticism by a student. That would go totally against my professional and personal ethics. Besides, such "petite" behavior would demonstrate a weakness of character and insecurity.

On the other hand, I normally do not respond to anonymously posted comments, whose writers refuse to assume responsibility for what they say. I can understand that perhaps someone may have had bad experiences or developed apprehension for some other reason. However, I assure you, there is no reason to be afraid of me or my TAs. Of course, I do expect that our dialog follows common-sense rules of politeness and mutual respect.

-- Anonymous, February 14, 2000

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