Experience with Xtol 1:2 and with Deep Tanks?

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Hello All, I'm getting ready to process (Tri-X at 320) using some deep tanks I purchased a while ago. I liked Xtol when I used it 1:1 in trays, but these tanks hold 15 litres of liquid. I was hoping to mix a 5 litre batch of Xtol and dilute it 1:2. However, I've heard some griping about dilluted Xtol. If anybody has any experience with this combination or with any other films and Xtol at 1:2, I'd appreciate hearing from you. Also, does the emulsion face the holes in the hangers or the other way around? None of my references answer that basic question. Thanks Jim Worthington

-- Jim Worthington (jcw@phr.ccmail.compuserve.com), February 14, 2000


I use X-tol 1:2 all the time and have not experienced any problems. My film of choice is TMY so I can't speak for Tri-X. I do all my processing in trays as well. I used to suspend film in stainless hangers and do the hard rubber tank number, but I had too many problems with streaks caused by excessive agitation around the holes in those stainless frames. Since I went over to slosh trays, I've had no such difficulties and save a lot of chemistry to boot!

-- Robert A. Zeichner (razeichner@ameritech.net), February 14, 2000.

I regularly use XTOL diluted 1:3 for Tri-X and have found it to be very satisfactory. I use trays, though rather than tanks. I too had experienced some streaking problems with tanks in the past. Trays are easy, but I admit I don't try to handle more than 8 pieces of film at a time. I'd be interested to hear how your tank experience goes.

Mark DeMulder

-- Mark DeMulder (mdemulde@usgs.gov), February 18, 2000.

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