100 "significant" Y2K systems failures in January

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2000 Bug 'Hit Power Plants And Internet'

From the Press Association,

Monday February 14, 2000

The millennium bug caused reports of 100 "significant" systems failures across the world in January, research shows.

Problems ranged from failures in nuclear power plants and the US nuclear arsenal to glitches making it difficult to download music over the internet.

Research from business consultancy KPMG found 67 of the incidents were reported in the first seven days of the month, with 23 in the following three weeks.

Malcolm Marshall, KPMG information risk management partner, said: "Y2K problems are still emerging, especially in government and in the general area of e-commerce.

"Organisations need to remain vigilant around the key dates of the leap year and end of months."

Most millennium mishaps are being spotted and dealt with quickly, he said.

KPMG and the British Bankers' Association carried out the research by monitoring news reports of year 2000-related problems.

-- Risteard Mac Thomais (uachtaran@ireland.com), February 14, 2000


This is, and continues to be, very good news. The fact that the vast majority of the infrastructure has held up pretty much assures us that the continuing stream of y2k related failures are 'likely' to be quickly remedied. It's sad that so many of these failures are at least initially hushed up -- but that's the reality of our current political situation...seemingly endless lies and deceit.

It's very interesting that the US Govt (and others) keep up a steady drum beat telling us of other possibly severe problems coming down the pike at us...such as likely military conflicts in scattered parts of the world and continued terrorist threats to use various nasty devices against us here in the US. This is probably a really good time to keep ourselves prepared for "come what may." The US Govt., at least, thinks many of these potential events are 'likely'. From what the govt. says a successful terrorist attack could ruin our whole day...perhaps even worse than a 3 day storm!

I love the Pollys on this board -- they really do provide much amusement with their antics and flames. Every once in a while they actually have something intelligent to say -- sometimes even related to the subject matter at hand! This board is a great place to stay tuned into all the latest events, facts, rumors, denials and 'loyal' polly opposition. It would be hard to replace.

-- ValentineGreeting (LoveThis@Board.com), February 14, 2000.

Did KPMG give an indicator of the denominator--i.e. how many computer systems there ARE, out of which they found 100 significant failures, out of which not too many wrecked society?

I'm a polly, you see; not so much because I'm determined to be optimistic, but because it don't look to this thinker that Y2K has turned up much to be panicked about...

And I love them consultants: "Organisations need to remain vigilant around the key dates of the leap year and end of months."

Also, if my organization is typical, about a zillion other things to be vigilant about also. Y2K is just one set of glitches in a much larger sea of computer and non-computer glitches...yada yada yada; you know my song.

-- Imso (lame@prepped.com), February 14, 2000.

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