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2000 Bug 'Hit Power Plants And Internet'

From the Press Association

Monday February 14, 2000 4:27 am

The millennium bug caused reports of 100 "significant" systems failures across the world in January, research shows.

Problems ranged from failures in nuclear power plants and the US nuclear arsenal to glitches making it difficult to download music over the internet.

Research from business consultancy KPMG found 67 of the incidents were reported in the first seven days of the month, with 23 in the following three weeks.

Malcolm Marshall, KPMG information risk management partner, said: "Y2K problems are still emerging, especially in government and in the general area of e-commerce.

"Organisations need to remain vigilant around the key dates of the leap year and end of months."

Most millennium mishaps are being spotted and dealt with quickly, he said.

KPMG and the British Bankers' Association carried out the research by monitoring news reports of year 2000-related problems.

Source: News Unlimited, London, United Kingdom,2478,10258,00.html

-- Lee Maloney (, February 14, 2000

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