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I think the panasonic encoder is creating an MPEG file with the audio out of sync to video. I am new at this - so any advice would be greatly apreciated.

I used a Dazzle DVC PP to encode an mpeg file for 50 minutes from a VHS tape at the highest possible bit rates (3000000 Video, 224000 Audio).

I then used the Panasonic encoder to convert this file to VCD rates. (which only took about 10 hours on my 300Mhz pentium....). The video quality is great, but the audio is way out of sync.

By using the Windows media player I have determined that in the original high bit rate file, the audio is in sync, all the way to the end of the file. But in the lower bit rate file created by the Panasonic encoder, the audio is out of sync right from the start....

Any ideas on what I did wrong?

-- Wayne D. Michael (, February 13, 2000



-- lnguyen, (, February 13, 2000.

i have had the same problem on at least 2 videos i tried to convert. And the funny thing is, is no matter how many times i re-tried to do these 2 certain videos for whatever reason the Panasonic after encoding knocked the sync off. I went through a lot of people trying to find a cause. Panasonic told me the audio might not be the same as what windows was using or something like that. Dazzle told me to upgrade mine to the 3.6 (upgrade is at their site and XING gave me a cure but thier was a downside. Xing told me its probably not a true mpeg system file. So i dled a demuxer they have from an ftp site. i followed what the guy told me (he said demuxe, then change the audio from mp1 to mpa in Dos) then re-encdoe using thier encoder under the "match headinggs" this remuxes the file. then once that was done, encode using the xing to vcd format. This worked, but their results are horrible. So that option was out. The one program that seemd to fix most problems was the dvmpeg program i would demux, then re-mux but under the video cd perfect option this seemd to fix things as well. However someone else on this site had a problem with the sync that was from an avi file not mpeg like our dazzles. So i figured that maybe the panasonic has some bugs in it. Who knows? I stopped trying to rack my brains out trying to figure out what the hell was wrong, its not worth the heart attack i would have given myself

-- Doug (, February 13, 2000.

It's not the Panasonic, it's the Dazzle. A friend gave a me a 3000bps mpeg clip from a Dazzle. I converted it using Panasonic 2.2, and after about 20 minutes of the clip audio and video are one second out of sync. Every other avi I threw at the Panasonic got encoded faithfully, i.e., if the audio and video were originally out of sync in the input material, so will the output mpeg file. Dazzle, I'm told, has tried to amend this by putting post-processing options in its built-in apps. It seems, though, that exporting a Dazzle mpeg file to some other app makes whatever hidden gremlins re-appear, including out-of-sync.

-- EMartinez (, February 15, 2000.

I don't understand how it could be the Dazzle in this case.

In the Windows Media Player, the audio is in sync, all the way to the end of the Dazzle's high resolution clip. The audio of the panasonic encoder's output is out of sync, right from the start of the low resolution clip. (Again using the windows media player).

To make it more confusing, I tried another long, high resolution capture with the Dazzle and again I fed it into the Panasonic Encoder to convert to VCD rates. And in this case, the output of the panasonic encoder is just fine (the audio is sync'ed will with the video).

So I don't see how it could be the Dazzle could be the problem, unless it is subtle error that the Windows Media Player can adjust for, but not the Panasonic encoder...

-- Wayne (, February 15, 2000.

Wayne: E Martinez is correct. I also have a Dazzle DVC USB with the latest software to resolve the audio/video sync on it. It also has the same problem with audio/video out of sync after about 15 or 20 minutes into the recording session. It's the unit heating up after a while, which will make it drops frames without you knowing it. Especially when you are taxing it @3000kbits/sec. This video rate is at the top end of it's limit. I have resolved this problem by cooling it down with a fan and use 2500 to 2900 kbits/sec instead of pushing the limit. It works!

-- lnguyen (, February 15, 2000.

good thanks for the info on the dazzle. So it seems its not so much the programs but the damn hardware it self. Which would explain my latest problem. i think i will then encode at 28 or 2900 bitrate and make sure i have a fan on the stupid thing. I usually for the rerod never make files larger the 45-50mins anyway. i tried another movie i liked alot (its always these ones that seem to screw up) and the panasonic has stopped it in the middle saying things like "lower vbv rate or something like that. the pic was fine but i assumed it maybe detected a frame or two was dropped and stopped the process. i wll try it again with the fan on and the 2900 and see from there

-- Doug (, February 15, 2000.

damn i still hasnt helped my latest problem. Im wondering if the 3.6 upgrade i sued screwed something up.i dont know this is never simple is it?

-- Doug (, February 16, 2000.

Heat is always a problem in capture cards being worked to the limit, I repositioned my fan to the bottom of the tower long long ago so that it blew over the cards and not simply sucked. I enlarged the holes as well and made sure there were no other exits other than where the fan was originally at the top. I have my capture card in the PCI slot nearest to the fan and there it is cooled first with air that actually blows over it. I arranged the lower cards in order of size to get space for the air to get to the PCI slot area. The PCI video card also generates a lot of heat and that needs to be separated from the capture card.

-- Ross McL (, February 16, 2000.

i think my laterst problem is just the film im trying to do. i keep getting everytime i try this film :video data rate or video buffer rate may be to small". i do not know why i am getting this. i have done other 2900-3000bit to 2500 big conversions with the panasonic, yet this film gives me this crap. Anyone know what i may raise the video buffer rate to on the panasonic encoder without making my 2500vcd skip in my dvd player??

-- Doug (, February 16, 2000.

I have similar problems with the Dazzle USB, I record VCD and everything is fine until after about 15minutes then the audio looses it and becomes all patchy. I'm not sure what the resolution is but it appears to be a driver problem to me ? Any advice greatly appreciated. Don't really want to have to start positioning fans over the external Dazzle device !! - Perhaps living in the UK I can just place it outside the window :-)

-- Stuart (, March 20, 2001.

I have the same problem with dazzle usb. When I capture my video its no problem, but when i encode to vcd with panasonic encoder, the program always stop with message ".. can ge the frame rate ... " This probrem always come when i encode the video up t0 40 minutes ...

Please ... help the answer,

regards, anggi

-- anggita (, October 07, 2001.

I had the exact same problem. In my case it turned out that the transitions I was adding to the clip caused it to become out of synch as the clip got longer. I removed all transitions and the problem was resolved.

-- Tom (, May 28, 2004.


-- Moiz Uddin Farooqui (, January 04, 2005.

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