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Why did Harry's parents not show much affection or act like they cared very much about their baby? I think we talked about this in class but I do not remember. Were they jealous not only because Harry had Ruth in his life but also because he was having a family of his own now? I do not know

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2000


I think that is a lot of the fact that Harry was having a family of his own. That is like the major statement of you independence from your parents. That is kind of like saying, "I don't need you anymore." I realize that he really isn't saying that, but, it is a breaking away and it is easy for parents to feel like they aren't needed anymore. Obviously there is a communication gap somewhere.

-- Anonymous, February 14, 2000

I think it was because they didn't have a very active role in Harry's life anymore. In a way thats their own fault because they weren't at all supportive of anything Ruth did. Things could have been very differnet if Harry's parentes would have been more supportive and open minded.

-- Anonymous, February 16, 2000

I think that because there was a connection with Ruth that there were immoral things wrong with the baby. I think that if something would have gone wrong during the pregnancy and Ruth wouldn't have made it through, then Mrs. Hall would have tried to bring the baby up herself, and would have loved it like her own. The fact that Ruth had anything to do with the baby is what I think kept Mrs. Hall away. That and after Harry and Ruth moved away they tried to live 'their own lives' and the doctor and his wife didn't see much of the children, much to Ruths satisfaction.

-- Anonymous, February 18, 2000

Some parents just can't separate themselves from their children and are compelled to meddle and control them even into adulthood. It may be love but its twisted. Stealing away and mistreating Katy proved to me beyond a doubt that their own lives weren't enough, that they had to try and live someone elses life too. Fortunatel, Ruth finally got to the point where she didn't allow them to control her.

-- Anonymous, February 20, 2000

I think that Harry's mother doted on him excessively when he was a child. After all, Harry was not only her only son, but her only child. A child that SHE had raised and that loved unconditionally. Personally I believe she basicly alone in raising Harry because his father seems a little insensitive and uncaring and personally I do not believed he cared very much for his wife. Harry was her entire life. And therefore not just Ruth, but anyone Harry would have married would not have been good enough for him. Also when Harry married all the attention he once showered on his mother was devided between her and his wife, and then split even more with the coming of each child. Mrs. Hall resented this horribly. Then when Harry and Ruth moved away from the Doctors home Mrs. Hall was left alone to a boring life with a husband that didn't care for her. I believe Mrs. Hall would have loved to raise any and all of Harry's children if she could have, should Ruth had died. However, while Ruth was living she could never give them her full love because resented Ruth terribly for taking Harry's love and attention away from her. Mrs. Hall wasn't a bad person, just an over protective mother, who's only joy in life was her son. Therefore she wanted only the best for him and resented anything that took his love away from her. It is understandable.

-- Anonymous, February 16, 2001

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