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Just burned two 600mb mpgs to cd using nero 4.0.83, everything plays well, but windows98 se says the cd's only contain 2.12megabytes!!! Whats wrong, please help...... Also my discs dont play very well in my Creative cd-rom 40/48x, any ideas on this? But they are fine in my Ricoh 7040A CD-RW...

Thank You


-- andy (, February 13, 2000


Andy: You are not right click on the CD drive and do a property on it are you? if you do then 2.12M is the correct answer you'll get from window. Try to open the Mpegav folder inside your CD drive and look at the files inside of this folder. You should see AVSeq00x.dat; This is your mpeg1 file. Do a detail or right click on it and do a property and you should get the size of your mpeg1 file....

-- lnguyen (, February 14, 2000.

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