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This is an excerpt from the article below which is especially interesting because it was written before the rollover occurred.

The last time this conjunction (December 30, 1999) occurred in the sign of Sagittarius was November 26, 1752 around the time the American Revolution became a much talked about idea but was not yet a reality. Human rights - the freedom to evolve, to break the glass ceiling on what is possible, was very much in the air.

An Astrological Approach to Y2K and 1.1.2000 published in New Visions Winter 2000

by Elizabeth Rose Campbell

Elizabeth Rose Campbell is a writer, astrologer and videographer who divides her time between New York City and Rhinebeck, NY. She is author of Intuitive Astrology: How To Follow Your Best Instincts (And True Stories of People Who Have Followed Theirs) forthcoming by Random House in 2001. email: website:

The first time I heard about the "Y2K" crisis, was in August of 1998, as I was stuck in bump-and-roll traffic on interstate 95 around Washington, D.C. listening to someone address the National Press Club on NPR about the extraordinary challenge ahead of us, as a global culture, on January 1, 2000 as computers fail to recognize the date 1/1/00 and shut down.

As an astrologer, I wondered out loud what configurations were occurring around that date. When I got home I checked it out, and to my astonishment, discovered that there was a conjunction of the planet Pluto and the asteroid Chiron on December 30, 1999 that symbolically matched the crisis perfectly, asking the questions:

Are we really connected, plugged into the right source of power?

Are we one? What creates our unity or prevents it?

How often would such a conjunction occur? 1752 was the last conjunction of these two planetary bodies, in the sign of Sagittarius. What is a conjunction? A conjunction astrologically refers to the alignment of two planets in their orbit so that their magnetic fields reach earth as a fused influence, even though the two planets may be millions of miles apart.

This perfect fusion of energies becomes a fusion of issues, if you believe in the multidimensionality of planets, which astrology articulates. Rather than just being a chunk of rock, Pluto, by transit or in the natal chart, triggers issues of "power and powerlessness", in relationship to life source, to energy. Though a mere asteroid orbitting between Saturn and Uranus, Chiron is a very potent influence, as anyone who has studied its position in the birth chart or by transit knows. Chiron is often called the sacred bridge because at its best, it brings inspired wisdom to the physical realm; it also specializes in identifying points of "connection and disconnection" - where a bridge exists, or is possible and where the link does not yet exist. The lack of a Chiron bridge signifies a trauma that needs to heal, through contact with wisdom, with spirit, or the sacred.

The sign of Sagittarius, in which these two will be conjunct (at 11 degrees of Sagittarius), speaks to "the map we all share" - multimedia, Overview, the Big Picture, and ultimately our unity with all life. The problem with Sagittarian big pictures (mass media, the worldweb, whatever form it has taken) is that it can see everything and nothing.

What could this conjunction mean for us over late December 1999 and early January 2000? Perhaps that Pluto and Chiron are capable of collapsing the "nothing" - the junk philosophies - that have been using up space (power) in our collective circuitry, our "everything". And even better, they are capable of collapsing the junk fear - the doomsday addiction that passive people often have. If you can't make choices in your life to grow, if you are waiting for life to happen, if you are waiting for someone to rescue you from your job or your marriage or whatever tedium you occupy, you begin to fantasize about natural disasters, powerful external events that require no effort whatsoever on your part to live out change; rather, the change is visited upon you.

What a great disappointment January 1, 2000 will be to the doomsday crowd if there are only small technological glitches, no major disasters! And what an encouraging doorway opens, to begin to trust that we can collectively shift out of old fears of what will happen if we choose to grow.

I see the two weeks wrapped around December 30, 1999 as a "hiccup" in the collective psyche of the planet, as we recalibrate to joy -- the joy of interconnection, the joy of a fresh start, the joy of the invitation to celebrate a new era, bringing our best talents to it. In short, a Renaissance begins, with this conjunction.

It's a hiccup because there will be a surge of anticipation, some people holding their breaths, others breathing deeply, and in fact some of the technological infrastructure of the planet will stop, others will continue.

In the pause of the silence of what stops, comes the question: am I OK? Are we OK? Maybe the phone doesn't work. Maybe it does. Maybe you are thrown back on the infrastructure of your deepest beliefs with the question: am I connected to source? Do I trust myself to source my own life?

Individuals with any planet around 11 degrees of Sagittarius (especially those born on December 4, or between November 25 and December 10 whose Suns are close to that degree) are on the front line of the army birthing this Renaissance; they are the translators of what is possible, as we work with the raw materials of the events.

Admittedly, the raw materials of the events around January 1, 2000 could include worst case scenarios. In planning for the best and preparing for the worst, I information-gathered, carefully inquired of my clients who are consultants to major corporations on Y2K, "What are you expecting on January 1, 2000?" The composite reply is consistent: "The truth is, we don 't know."

My next question to the experts was, "Well then, what are your personal plans, in terms of preparing?" A few have replied that they have their own power source (a generator), and all have replied that they have a month's supply of food and water, but, in the U.S., they don't really expect to need it. It's just a precaution.

In planning for the best, I've been encouraging my clients (and myself) to explore areas of the psyche that are really ready to shift into a new life map, playing with all the possible combinations of Chiron, Pluto and Sagittarian themes. I encourage you to do the same.

Chiron themes explore:

... how to shift out of old assumptions, how to "break the glass ceiling": to be a healer rather than a rescuer. Rescuing people who aren't ready to heal usually means the rescuer must take on the wounds, or "the glass ceiling" of the rescued, thus an exercise in frustration ensues; the rescue fails. Healers radiate healing choices; they recognize the dangers of sabotaging a person's ability to connect to their own inner healer, by rescuing them.

.how to take responsibility for creating a new context for talent to bring the sacred more fully into your life and give it form to allow a reality to emerge, rather than demanding it emerge.

Pluto themes explore:

.your connection to power, life source and fertility

.your ability to build self-trust around inner power, and to correlate that self-trust with trusting the unknown "out there", to assign your personal power to a larger purpose as a conscious participant in cultural change.

Sagittarian themes explore:

. the intersection of all paths, the unity of all life;

.. the traveller who discovers: there are no aliens anywhere.

..being inclusive rather than exclusive.

Sagittarius at its best, is an open mind, as lovely as a blue sky on a cloudless day. In your blue sky mind, what fears are you ready to shift out of, around connection to a larger community, or a larger world? What limiting beliefs are you ready to drop, that will bring the sacred more fully into your life?

The last time this conjunction occurred in the sign of Sagittarius was November 26, 1752 around the time the American Revolution became a much talked about idea but was not yet a reality. Human rights - the freedom to evolve, to break the glass ceiling on what is possible, was very much in the air.

Two hundred and forty seven years later, we are about to break another glass ceiling around who controls our power to evolve, who controls what we say, or what we think, in our Blue Sky Mind. Communications systems have evolved in such a way that we are a global community and no one entity, no one government, or even corporation, can control our perspective, can shape the power of belief. Computers are a blessing in this regard, an extraordinary tool allowing intimate communication between strangers on opposite sides of the planet to problem-solve issues that bypass the red tape of government, that bridge distances instantaneously.

And of course beneath the technological web of interconnection, lies a deeper one - the telepathic flow of life, the boundless consciousness we all share. In planning for the best of this Pluto/Chiron conjunction, we can expect increased episodes of synchronicity - meaningful coincidences that deepen intuitive attention to the spiritual details of our lives that are really important. Chiron frequently operates through synchronicity; Pluto will magnify it enormously, with the peak of this lasting from mid-December 1999 to mid-January. The spontaneous connections that occur will be your "personal voice mail" on how to channel this shift in your life.

To pick up your guidance, break up your routine for fifteen minutes a day doing something you normally would not. Break character, in terms of surprising yourself, in ways that resemble sunlight finding a new place in which to shine. Take notes; jot down ideas that come.

Philosophically, Sagittarius can birth extraordinary communications of great inspiration, as well as an abundance of impotent platitudes. Visualize world peace, says one bumper sticker. Visualize whirled peas, responds another, referring to the silliness of visualization with no follow-through.

Obviously, it is a time to design a new life map for the 21st century that has follow-through in it. Put computers in, or leave them out. Be sure and include the endless circle of life, and your joyous place in it. Create a new life map that your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will study, and recognize the power and beauty of your spirit in those affirmations, and efforts at follow-through.

And if there is a major breakdown of services on 1/1/2000, it can only encourage us to slow down, and see what we would not, otherwise. If there is a Chiron "disconnect" at play on a global scale, resources will emerge from the human spirit to bridge the gap that are sacred and sound.

And if we respond well to the "Y2K preparedness problem" and the breakdown of services is minimal, what might we do with the extra creativity this Chiron/Pluto conjunction suggests is possible, to mark 2000 as the first of many renaissance years to come? How might we salute each other, person-to-person, culture to culture? What prayers might we say?

-- Jeanette Thomas (, February 13, 2000

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