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If i burn an mpeg using nero or other, will the file on the cd-r be in dat format? Or still in mpg? Thank you


-- andy (, February 13, 2000


i cant answer about Nero, but using adaptec and the Nti cd maker pro it makes them Dat files when their done

-- Doug (, February 13, 2000.

Andy: Nero will produce Avseq00x.dat where x=number of files you have. EZCD will produce Music00x.dat. *.dat=*.mpg same thing. I don't know what NTI produces as ?????.dat, but all of them produce a *.dat file. Take a *.dat file from the VCD and copy it to your hardisk and rename it to *.mpg and see for yourself. Both Nero & EZ merely check your file for VCD 2.0 authenticity and rename the extention mpg to dat. Nero take your mpeg files and write it to the CD-R/CD-RW as it is creating the VCD, whereas EZ compile all your files beforehand into a temporary write sequence on the hard disk and write to the CD- R/CD-RW from it. Furthernote, if you simply burn your mpg files as data CD then the file will be mpg. If you use the VCD module to make a VCD then the mpg file will comes out to be dat.

-- lnguyen (, February 13, 2000.

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