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Y2K: a few .mil abd .gov glitches in Jan 00, easily fixed (so far)

Oil: no rumors of pipeline problems from Valdez, although global warming is changing permafrost conditions and pipeline support.

Gold: lots of layoffs from the Yukon gold companies; maybe things will change if the hedgers collapse and gold goes to 400+.

Chemtrail: south-to-north over Anchorage at 0800 AST; will be on lookout for incresaed asthma, respiratory infection.

-- Nelson Isada (, February 13, 2000



Y2k preps: came in handy for folks in Girdwood and Hope (south of Anchorage) who were literally cut-off from supplies and lost power for a week when a mile-wide avalanche took down the power lines and covered the road (global warming increases precipitation including snow, and also makes for unstable snow packs).

Power: Main hospital went on emergency generators last week (?cause), first time in my 5 yr experience (and I spend a LOT of time in the hospital).

-- Nelson Isada (, February 13, 2000.

Nelson: During the road closures and power outages I posted a report from here in Seward. We were on generator power with several complete outages daily. The store shelfs were getting bare and nothing was moving down the Seward Highway. Our preps came in real handy along with our own generator. The response I got on the MB was, Stop your whinning. Alaska remains the stepchild. I guess the independence party may be right.

-- Capt Dennis (, February 13, 2000.

>I guess the independence party may be right.

But did you see the figures for federal money to the local & state economy (.mil, native, AFDC, medicare/caid, etc.)? Wasn't the Fairbanks area ~two/thirds dependent on fedgov money?

-- Nelson Isada (, February 13, 2000.

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