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Phil and I are planning a trip to Vegas next month. Neither of us has ever been there, so we have no idea where to stay, what to do, etc. Anyone have any suggestions?

-- Anonymous, February 12, 2000


Actually, Cirque de Soleil is in town here at the moment, and Phil and I are planning to go sometime in the next couple of weeks, so it seems kind of silly to go AGAIN in Las Vegas.

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2000


Don't drive on Las Vegas Boulevard at night (any evening of the week, unless you want to be in a long traffic jam) (maybe after 1am it's becomes tolerable, but not earlier)

um, visit everything, or er don't, actually you can see a lot of acts for not much money at the lesser hotels and casinos, but pay more for well-known or big names. Not always true, but usually.

Actually, there are some pretty good bar bands playing for free at times, and if you drink enough, you wouldn't care anyway.

You're not that far from Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, or see wild burros, up toward the mountain, un uh?

The bigger casinos, are almost theme parks/buildings in some ways, so it's usually worth going inside and looking around. Costs nothing.

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2000

As you may know, Vegas is not only famous for it's gambling but also it's brothels. For purely financial reasons, nothing beats a stay at one of the many legal houses of prostitution. They might ask that you "earn your keep" but really, isn't sleeping with wealthy businessmen from out of town a lot better than paying outrageous amounts of money for a hard bed at the Holiday Inn?

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2000

If I were going to Vegas I'd try to get a corner suite at the Luxor with a jacuzzi tub and I'd make sure to check out Cirque du Soleil at Bellagio doing "O". (The idea of Cirque du Soleil underwater just seems intriguing.)


-- Anonymous, February 13, 2000

Hey Christopher,

Actually prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas. It's only outside of Vegas, in (I forget which county, or counties) it's legal.

However, the phone book use to have about 20 pages devoted to escort services. So, go figure. (and of course, there are a few "hos" on the street -- probably off to the latest theme party)

BTW, I also suggest the Liberace Museum. Not because I ever went there, but I use to live practically in sight of it, and never went inside. Perhaps she can write about the furs and pianos when she gets back so I can see what I missed.

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2000

Hey, Jen.

I'm going to Vegas March 9-12th. Here are a few things to do...

Ride the bus from the Strip to the "old" downtown -- now know as Fremont Street -- to watch the laser show which is shown at the top of every hour after dark until midnight.

Watch the light show in front of the Bellagio on the Strip on the hour and half hour until midnight.

Fantasia 2000 is playing in the Luxor IMAX every hour and 20 minutes starting at 9 a.m. until 11:10 p.m. Admission is $12.


-- Anonymous, February 13, 2000

I'd just like to second the vote to go see Cirque du Solieil. I've not seen "O", but it sounds rather amazing -- and is just about the only thing that could get me to Vegas. Apparently, it's pretty cheap to fly there, since the casinos, from what I've been told, subsidize the flights.

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2000

I just got back from Vegas. "O" is suppose to be very good, though the tickets will set you back about $95 a piece. A lot of the casino lounge acts are very good. The hotels downtown are cheaper than the strip, you can log in to and check pricing available of most of the hotels, the also put the schedule of all the events on a weekly schedule.

Because you have never been to vegas, you might accidently end up on the strip. To avoid the congestion , there are two sides streets that parallel the strip. on the West you have Industrial Rd. on the East you have Paradise Road. The Rio Suites have an excellent buffet, its of the strip on Flamingo Rd, just off the 15 fwy.

Also check for location of the hotels. if you stay on the strip, try to find a place that is in the middle of the strip so everything is in good walking distance.

Jen, If you have any specific questions, I might be able to help you more.

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2000

Jen -

Ummm. Guess I'd compare not seeing 'O' because I'd already seen 'Dralion' to not seeing 'Being John Malkovich" because I'd already seen 'Fight Club'; both movies after all.

'Dralion' is a touring show centered around a troupe of Chinese acrobats. 'O' is show in a space entirely designed for it, centered around, well, a huge tank of water. (Performance both above and below the surface.)


-- Anonymous, February 13, 2000

I don't have any suggestions, I just wanted to see three messages in a row from three separate Davids.

-- Anonymous, February 14, 2000

Check out the pirate show in front of the Treasure Island Hotel. It's free.

sara (breaking the david chain)

-- Anonymous, February 14, 2000

There's a restaurant in Vegas by the name of Makino Todai (I think that's the spelling). It's absolutely amazing- all you can eat sushi and seafood- and it's all extremely good. I've wanted to go back to Vegas just for that restaurant. Also, try the Star Trek Experience ride. It's a lot of fun, if a little geeky. I recommend it.

-- Anonymous, February 16, 2000

Yeah! What middle-David (in the chain) said! "Dralion" is a totally different show, based around a completely different concept, than "O." On the other hand, the pricing is steep.

I haven't seen "O," so I can't say for certain if it's worth the cost, but I have seen "Mystere," showing permanently at the Mirage hotel & casino, also in a theatre custom-designed for the show. I think tickets to it top out around $65, and I did think seeing that show WAS worth it.

In fact, if I ever go to Vegas a second time, I'd happily see Mystere again, despite the cost.

I also second the suggestion that you see Hoover Dam, and I personally recommend taking the Hardhat Tour, NOT the regular tour. The Hardhat Tour is (I think) $49, but for that you cover the regular tour route, plus they take you down through the generator rooms, and into the dam's service tunnels, and into the caves that were blasted into the canyon's walls during the dam's construction. Plus, you get to keep your hardhat as a souvenir. (I still have mine!)

Mystere and the Hoover Dam Hardhat Tour-- my two favorite things about my trip to Vegas.

One last thought: if you hit a jackpot somewhere and can afford to, dining at The Top of the World restaurant, at the top of the Stratosphere Tower, can be nice. It's a very fancy (read: expensive), revolving restaurant (makes 1 rev. every 1h, 20m) with a really neat view of the city.

-- Anonymous, February 16, 2000

OK, you guys can stop trying to get me to see Cirque du Soleil twice in one month, because it JUST ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN, even if I decide I love it. I'm a graduate student, remember? I live off a $<20K/year stipend! I don't mind blowing an obscene amount of money on a few hours' worth of entertainment once in a while, but I'm not going to do it twice in one month.

-- Anonymous, February 16, 2000

Jen -

I certainly wouldn't try to force you to see Cirque du Soleil twice in the same month, though the image that comes to mind is sort of funny. (Don't look away. Jennifer! Look at the clowns.)

Economics makes much more sense to me as a reason not to see two shows. It just seemed from your initial response that the reason was more 'been there done that, it would be silly to see the same thing twice'.

Another suggestion, Red Rocks Canyon is supposed to have great rock climbing. Expect it'd be a beautiful place to hike as well.

-- Anonymous, February 17, 2000

Jen-- if you haven't already gone, you should stay at the Flamingo. It's huge, clean, and you could probably get a pretty decent deal through the Radisson website. It's centrally located, and the pool area is great: we particularly liked the flags that are attached to each of the lounge chairs that are put up to indicate that a drink refil is needed.

-- Anonymous, March 08, 2000

Actually, Cirque de Soleil is in town here at the moment, and Phil and I are planning to go sometime in the next couple of weeks, so it seems kind of silly to go AGAIN in Las Vegas.

-- Jennifer Wade (, February 13, 2000.

Ahh, but Phil was lame/swamped and never got tickets for Cirque here in SF, and I think it's over.

So we could do that in LV.

[Soul Coughing: Screen Writer's Blues]

-- Anonymous, March 19, 2000

dont just go to the strip. go to the boulder highway and downtown. see the old vegas . go to westward ho. the hotdog and marguritas are something.

-- Anonymous, February 01, 2002

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