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I have also purchesed the p1k line with the "b" unit, it does the same as the "a" units. Do I install DCC in all three?

-- DAN NEVILLS (CEIDN209@AOL.COM), February 12, 2000


Yep. You need a DCC decoder in all 3 units if you want to ever use them separately. But the current demand is such that you could use a single 1-1.5 amp decoder to power 2 (but not 3) motors. So you could connect one A and one B unit together with a draw-bar and wire the wheel pick-ups and motor wires together in parallel. But this means a minimum of 2 wires, 4 w/ wheel pick-ups, between the A and B units. An NCE D102 with wires fits nicely into the rear weight cavity. It may be just as easy to just put a separate decoder into the B unit, and set it to the same loco address as the A. My early P1K A units didn't run the same speed fwd and rev (on DC) due to a poorly designed reversing headlight diode circuit. What did they do in the B unit?

-- Don Vollrath (dvollrath@magnetek.com), February 14, 2000.

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